VCE Maths Methods Units 1&2 Notes

vce methods notes
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VCE Maths Methods Units 1&2 Notes

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ISBN: 978-1-925534-25-2
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These VCE Methods notes explain every topic and strategy you need to get through this subject. From avoiding silly mistakes, to understanding the secrets behind the questions 99% of the state get wrong – these notes have you covered. Each chapter describes the equations and worded problems you’ll be given and contains graphs and sample solutions. This means you can see exactly what the assessor wants to see from you across the most important topics. The notes also contain an exam revision section, with tricks to maximise CAS efficiency and construct your bound reference. In such a tough, competitive subject, our notes will give you exactly the edge you need to do your best.

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1 review for VCE Maths Methods Units 1&2 Notes

  1. 5 out of 5


    These notes are fantastic! They explain complex ideas in a simple way that even your textbook doesn’t give you. It helps that there are always worked problems when you are learning new concepts, so you can see how it’s applied. The diagrams are clear and useful, which are helpful for visualising graphs and such.

    If I could ask for one thing, it would be that the book contained an ‘Exam Tips’ chapter, which the biology notes contain. I feel like it would help because in maths there is a lot of room for errors and silly mistakes in calculations, and minimising that is vital to do well.

    None the less, the book is a solid 5 stars from me. I’ll be thanking myself that I got these by the time tests and exams come around!

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