VCE Literature Units 3&4 Notes

vce literature notes
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VCE Literature Units 3&4 Notes

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New and updated for the 2017 study design.

‘VCE Literature Notes’ – perhaps not a phrase you ever thought you’d see. “How”, you might ask, “would one even write notes for Literature?” The answer is this: you focus on theory, you focus on skills, and you focus on marks.

Well, our VCE Literature Notes handle these three things with aplomb, making them your secret weapon for SACs and the exam.

If, for example, you need to boost your writing ability ahead of an assessment task, we’ve got a whole chapter on improving these skills. Or, if you’re unsure of the best way to conduct a Close Analysis, let our extensive explanations be your guide! From analysing words in isolation to finding links between passages, these notes will give you a high-scoring student’s insight into what works best. So if the ambiguity of Literature is getting you down, we’ve got just the thing to pick you up again.

More importantly, there’s plenty of sound advice on how you can put this theory into practice. We know turning your understanding into the marks you deserve can be tricky, but these notes will simplify the process. And to top it off, the notes contain a variety of sample analyses so you know what to replicate. You’ll also find various Key Point boxes to reinforce the most vital information. With approximately 5,100 people taking Literature, around 2,550 people will achieve a Study Score of 30 or more. And a mere 400 students will be able to attain one of those coveted 40+ raw scores. Give yourself the best shot of being one of them: buy our Literature notes today.


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