VCE English Units 1-4 Notes

VCE English Units 1-4 Notes


ISBN: 978-1-925534-29-0
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Product Description

New and updated for the 2017 study design.

The study design has changed. Your teacher is low on resources. You’re not sure what exactly you’re supposed to do for the best marks, and your classmates aren’t either. What do you do?

You pick up this set of notes written by a VCE graduate who scored full-marks in her English exam, to achieve a 50 raw in English and a Premier’s Award. Her name is Lauren White, and she went on to achieve a double major in Literature and Linguistics through her Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne.

These notes are fully relevant to the new and under-resourced English study design, and will last you all the way to the end of Year 12. These notes explain exactly how to write your pieces, exactly how to analyse your texts, and exactly how to succeed in this challenging subject that is now trickier than ever. No matter what level you’re at for VCE English, the benefit of this set of notes is clear: your competence in this subject will improve, and thus so should your marks.