VCE English Language Units 3&4 Notes

vce english language notes
  • vce english language notes

VCE English Language Units 3&4 Notes


ISBN: 978-1-925534-18-4
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Updated to include contemporary examples.

Our VCE English Language notes are something we’re incredibly proud of. This is a ridiculously beneficial resource, stuffed full of everything you’ll need to score highly. From the language sub-systems and technical metalanguage to the key concepts in the Study Design, these notes have it all. We’ve even got an assortment of precious contemporary examples for you to use in your essays!

The notes also come with plenty of commentary to reinforce crucial knowledge and give you tips for SACs and the exam. And, as if that wasn’t enough, there are a grand total of eight high-scoring essays for your perusal.

Quality English Language content is hard to come by, but these notes are going to give you an undeniable advantage no matter where you’re at in your studies.

So if you’re looking to blitz this subject, you simply can’t go past our VCE English Language notes!


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