VCE Chemistry Units 1&2 Notes

vce chemistry 1&2 notes
  • vce chemistry 1&2 notes

VCE Chemistry Units 1&2 Notes


ISBN: 978-1-925534-31-3
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New and updated for the 2017 study design.

In one of the more vital Year 11¬†courses, these notes provide¬†an avenue to high marks in your Year 11 assessment as well as a fantastic platform from which you can attack Year 12. Written by fifth year medical student who achieved a 50 raw in Chemistry, these notes are far shorter than the average textbook. These notes simplify the concepts and cut the fluff, making it much easier to learn Chemistry. As well as being efficient to use, being written in the style and voice of a current university student means these notes are easy to read and easy to access, even for someone struggling with the more difficult concepts. And on top of that, it includes the type of insights, tips, and tricks from a student who’s “been there and done that” to give student’s the type of edge that’s hard to find through the usual channels. All in all, these notes are a perfect fit for any Year 11 Chemistry student looking to succeed in the subject.