QCE Maths Methods Units 3&4 Notes

QCE Maths Methods Units 3&4 Notes

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Note: these QCE Maths Methods Units 3&4 Notes cover the new QCE syllabus for 2020 and beyond.

These Methods Notes contain everything you need to know for your assessment tasks and exams, written from the perspective of a past high-achieving student. With plenty of worked examples to demonstrate key concepts, and clear explanations of every section of the syllabus, this book focuses on clarifying your understanding of all the examinable material, so you can focus on maximising your marks.

The author, Rui, achieved outstanding Year 12 results, including scores of 90+ in all three of his Maths subjects, and an ATAR of 98.60. On top of being an accomplished educator, having delivered lectures and tutorials to thousands of Year 11 and 12 students, Rui has also gone on to pursue a Bachelor of Science (Advanced Mathematics/Computer Science) at UNSW.

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