HSC Year 12 Studies of Religion Notes

HSC Year 12 Studies of Religion Notes
  • HSC Year 12 Studies of Religion Notes

HSC Year 12 Studies of Religion Notes

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We are currently in the process of updating the front cover of this book. If you receive a book which has the dates 2019-2020 on the front, please be assured that this is the most up-to-date version and is 100% relevant for the 2021 syllabus.

Our HSC Year 12 Studies of Religion Notes are a masterpiece. They cover the Core of SOR1 – Aboriginal Spirituality and Religious Landscape in Australia Post 1945. They also cover the Core of SOR2 – Religion and Peace, and Religion and Non-Religion. Beyond that, they also cover three depth studies – Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. This caters for SOR1 students with two depth studies, as well as for SOR2 students, who have three.

You might think SOR is a pretty easy subject, and just need a resource to test yourself ahead of your next assessment task. Or, perhaps you find SOR really difficult – whether it’s memorising content or applying your knowledge in time constraints. We know there’s bound to be some aspect of SOR that’s a bit challenging, and that’s why we’ve got some incredibly detailed notes for you to take full advantage of.

That said, these notes cut through all the unnecessary jargon and target the most important parts of the SOR syllabus, so you know that all this content will directly help you in the exam. If you’re looking for a highly condensed and time-efficient alternative to thick textbooks, look no further!

These HSC Year 12 Studies of Religion Notes are authored by a recent high-scoring HSC graduate.

As such, you’ll gain the insight of someone who’s been in your position before. And crucially, they knows what it takes to ace this subject. So if you want to do well in SOR, here’s a resource that’ll definitely push you ahead of the pack.

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