HSC Year 12 Modern History Notes

HSC Year 12 Modern History Notes
  • HSC Year 12 Modern History Notes

HSC Year 12 Modern History Notes

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We are currently in the process of updating the front cover of this book. If you receive a book which has the dates 2019-2020 on the front, please be assured that this is the most up-to-date version and is 100% relevant for the 2021 syllabus.

Our HSC Year 12 Modern History Notes contain extensive coverage of the core topic (Power and Authority in the Modern World), and the most popular National Study (Russia and the Soviet Union). For each part of the syllabus, you will find plenty of quotes, timelines, sources, and a concise summary of key concepts. And because the author is state ranking student, there’s also a tonne of advice to help you understand and remember the content.

But best of all, there is a whole section of tips to help you in every section of the exam. So from short answers to detailed essays, these notes are have you covered!

The author, Susie, is an expert in all things HSC History! As a recipient of a History Teacher’s Association award, she achieved stellar Year 12 results. Susie graduated in 2016 with a state rank in Modern and a Band 6 in Ancient. She’s also an invaluable member of the NSW ATAR Notes forum team, and an exceptional tutor and lecturer. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Communications (Media Arts and Production) at UTS.

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