HSC Year 12 Economics Notes

HSC Year 12 Economics Notes
  • HSC Year 12 Economics Notes

HSC Year 12 Economics Notes

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These HSC Year 12 Economics Notes will be your most comprehensive guide to success. Not only do they summarise all of the definitions, theories, and complex concepts in the course, but they also provide you with a unique insight of a high-achieving former student who knows how to maximise marks. If you’re looking to gain an in-depth understanding of every economic principle in the syllabus, these Notes are guaranteed to help you get there.

The author, Giuliana, achieved Band 6 results for five HSC subjects, including Economics. She also earned an astonishing ATAR of 99.40. She is an accomplished tutor and lecturer, having helped thousands of students improve their marks and confidence in their Economics studies. Since graduating, Giuliana has gone on to pursue a Bachelor of Computer Science at UNSW.

The benefits of this book are as big as they are obvious. You will save an absolute truck-load of time, which is an HSC student’s valuable resource. And you will save marks. With notes written by an outstanding HSC Economics student, you can’t go wrong!

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2 reviews for HSC Year 12 Economics Notes

  1. 5 out of 5


    Using this book on EdUnlimited and it is flawless. Everything is explained meticulously and it lacks the additional fluff that textbooks usually contain. Really excited to use this throughout Y12! Thank you, Giuliana!

  2. 5 out of 5


    No matter if you’re a struggling or straight-A economics student, this book is unbelievably helpful. It is an excellent supplement to your own notes (as suggested by Giuliana). I make my notes more succinct, shorter and exam-revisable and gain a much greater understanding of the content with his notes. Plus, some of this info is missing from the textbook, or just rlly hard to find. I was hesitant to think if I needed this, but now I compare my year 12 note-taking experience now with this book to my year 11 pure textbook one-this is another step closer to the 95 in eco. THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS BOOK!!!

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