Visual Arts Year 12 Notes

hsc visual arts notes
  • hsc visual arts notes

Visual Arts Year 12 Notes

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Visual Arts is a pretty demanding subject. Between your Body of Work and documenting your concept and processes, it’s no wonder students often neglect the theory component. But there is a 50:50 weighting between artmaking and art theory. So if you want some tips for practice, or if you’re in desperate need for help with theory, look no further than these HSC Visual Arts Notes!

Art criticism is easy to forget about throughout the year. But there is a lot to cover in preparation for your exam. And that’s why these notes give you a comprehensive summary of the frames and forms of practice.

You will also find high-scoring sample essays and responses to use as templates for your own work, and a tonne of advice from a past-HSC student who achieved a 95 in Visual Arts. These notes will guide you through the course from start to finish, from coming up with a concept to sitting your final exam. Plus, there is even a whole section full of vocabulary and key terminology to use in art criticism.

There’s simply no better way to ensure you feel confident for every one of your VA assessments.

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Click this link to view the colour versions of the images used in these notes:


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