HSC Mathematics Extension 1 Topic Tests

HSC Mathematics Extension 1 Topic Tests
  • HSC Mathematics Extension 1 Topic Tests

HSC Mathematics Extension 1 Topic Tests

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NOTE: these Topic Tests are for the CURRENT SYLLABUS for the Class of 2019.

Our HSC Mathematics Extension 1 Topic Tests are unlike any of the old resources that have been floating around the HSC market for decades. This book is special.

They feature a mixture of originally written questions and questions sourced from past HSC papers. This level of customisation allows us to write or select the questions that challenge and benefit students the most. Thus, this teaches students to associate particular questions styles with the types of questions that students get wrong in the HSC, helping them stress less and boost exam performance.

However, the best thing about this resource is the breathtaking detail featured in the step-by-step solutions. These are written by past high-achievers. And here, they share with you their tips and tricks for scoring highly!

The explanations in this resource go far beyond just “answers in the back of the book”. They explain the concepts and theories behind each step necessary for full-marks. This is an extraordinarily efficient use of student time. Thus, these practice questions help to expose weak areas that you need to work on. But the in-depth solutions also immediately provide an opportunity to fix these conceptual misunderstandings.

At only $37, this book is fantastic value. Pick up a copy and watch your results and confidence improve.


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