HSC Mathematics General 2 Notes

hsc general maths notes
  • hsc general maths notes

HSC Mathematics General 2 Notes


ISBN: 978-1-925534-20-7
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These HSC General Maths notes provide comprehensive coverage of the syllabus, without unnecessarily stressing students by including irrelevant content. Containing both Prelim and HSC content, these notes are perfect for double-checking that you have a robust understanding of the material. Of course, using the notes for this process is always quicker and more efficient than using your textbook.┬áMany students often claim that General Maths is ‘easy’; however, they fail to explain why only 5.6% of students got a Band 6 in this subject in 2015. If it’s so easy, why isn’t everyone acing it? It’s because students overlook common pitfalls and misunderstandings, or make simple mistakes that are easily avoidable. As a Band 6 student herself, our author is well aware of these problems, and included her own personal tips and advice on how to avoid those mistakes and master General Mathematics. Whether you’re taking this subject just to do some maths, or because you think you can ace it, one thing’s for sure: this set of notes will┬ámotivate you, save you time, and save you marks.


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