HSC English (Advanced) Notes

HSC English (Advanced) Notes


ISBN: 978-1-925534-10-8
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Your essays aren’t what you’d like them to be. Everyone tells you different things and makes the subject confusing, and have a big assessment coming up that you’re not fully prepared for. What do you do?

You pick up this set of notes written by a HSC graduate who scored full-marks in her English exam to achieve a perfect 100 in English (Advanced) and rank 1st in the state. Her name is Emily Tyrrell, and since her HSC she’s gone on to give lectures to thousands of students across that state, helping them make sense of what might be the HSC’s most confusing but most important subject.

These notes are seriously the best thing you could do for your score in English Advanced. These notes explain exactly how to write your essays and creatives, exactly how to approach the Area of Study, and exactly how to ace the Modules. No matter what level you’re at for HSC English Advanced, the benefit of this set of notes is clear: your competence in this subject will improve, and so will your marks.


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