2017 HSC in Review

By Jamon Windeyer in Easy Reading
31st of December 2017

Some of the questions I get a lot when discussing what I do with new people (and I know the rest of the team gets it too), is stuff like this:

“Why do you do all that for free? If you charged you’d make a killing!”

“Why have you priced those books so low, they are worth way more!”

“Why do you put so much energy into this?”

That’s easy. This is why.

I got a lot out of all the lectures this year and the notes I bought, especially Emily’s English lectures as I have always HATED English, but managed to get a 95 in the HSC!

I definitely couldn’t have done it without atar notes this year, and I am so grateful for everyone in this warm community who sacrifices their time and effort for each other. 


Huge shoutout and thanks to ATARNOTES for sticking through with me during my stressful exam days!

(Susie’s) notes are absolutely amazing and were completely invaluable this year – all your work is amazing and really helping us out at such a stressful time of year. thankyouuuu xoxooxox

I couldn’t possibly have achieved this if it wasn’t for all the support from Atarnotes, whether through the online forum, the lectures, or the books. So a huge thank you to all the staff! 

I also just want to say a huge thanks for all the support that the AN team and community gave me this year, I honestly don’t think I could have done as well without you guys.

I earned a state ranking for Legal Studies and band 6’s in four of my subjects , which I believe I achieved with the excellent resources and support provided by the ATAR Notes community.

These are just a few out of the dozens upon dozens of messages we’ve been receiving since the end of the 2017 HSC Exams. It’s dead simple; we work hard because we know we can make a huge impact on so many people, and we are unbelievably thankful for that privilege.

2017 has been an incredible year for ATAR Notes HSC – A few of the highlights!


Believe it or not, 2017 was only our second year holding free lectures in NSW, with the help of the University of Technology, Sydney. We held over 70 free lectures throughout the year for literally tens of thousands of students, delivering our 100th lecture in July. We added more subjects, expanded our already awesome lecturing team, and got to read hundreds of hilarious entries into our traditional Snapchat competition. We especially loved meeting new people in the breaks


If you are a 2018 graduate, these lectures are back and you can register for them right here.


We always say the forums are the best bit about ATAR Notes, and that has never held more true than this year. The team has been so proud seeing students step up to help each other get through a super stressful year. Some cool points:

Our most popular Q+A, for English Advanced, has now had over 1500 questions asked and answered. That’s two per day, every day, since it was started in early 2016.

We marked literally hundreds of essays and creatives this year, completely for free as part of our marking service.

There are four 2017 graduates who have, in a single year, each posted over 500 times on the forums. Crazy, right?

We’ve had a whole bunch of 2017 graduates already using their knowledge to help next years graduates and beyond; contributing guides on Visual Arts, Society and Culture, English, Legal Studies, Business Studies, Geography, Drama, Maths and more.

And the best bit, of course, is that the forums are helping people! Our members got more Band 6’s than you can shake a stick at. We got 99+ ATARs, we got state ranks (a heap of them, actually!), we got Encore nominations, we got Art Express nominations – You name an accolade, someone in our community probably nabbed it. This just goes to show the power of passionate people coming together to encourage each other, it brings out the best in every single person.


I won’t talk much about our study guides, except to say that we’re really proud that they have been useful to so many students. We released over a dozen new products this year, including a bunch of new topic tests, updates to a heap of our course notes, and a HSC Survival Guide to guide you on all the tough things about the HSC besides the content. Lots more awesome stuff coming in 2018 – And you don’t have to wait for lectures and careers expos to grab these. Grab them anytime from our online shop.

BRING ON 2018!

On behalf of the entire ATAR Notes HSC Team – Thank you to every single person who has supported us in 2017. By tagging your friends in posts, sharing our content with your friends, attending our lectures, saying hello at Careers Expos, chatting on Snapchat and more – You help us do what we love doing, and that is helping awesome young adults get through a stressful year a little more easily.

We wish you all best of luck next year, whatever it may bring. If you’re off to uni, or college, or work, or wherever – Good luck! Work hard, stay passionate, be ambitious, we’ll always be here if you need us (we’ve got guides on surviving uni, course reviews and Q+A’s on the site, it doesn’t stop being useful after Year 12!).

And if you are graduating in 2018, or beyond, well we’ll definitely be here, always striving to be the most helpful we can be.

On behalf of the team, wishing everyone a Happy New Year. Bring on 2018!