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ATAR Notes runs lectures for HSC, QCE and VCE subjects four times per year – January, April, June/July, and September/October.

These lectures are completely free and are presented by some of Australia’s highest achieving students.

The tickets are usually released 3-4 weeks in advance and are booked out very quickly. In order to be notified as soon as tickets are released, please Register an account with ATAR Notes!

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The Lectures were made because there was simply no cheap alternative to the lectures already offered to VCE, HSC and QCE students. Across the most prominent lecturing companies, the average cost of a lecture for just a single subject is over $100. That means that to attend lectures for multiple subjects at three key stages in the year, you’d have to ask your parents to fork out over a thousand dollars! We just don’t think that’s acceptable, and we don’t think it’s fair.

So, the ATAR Notes Lectures are designed to give you an alternative. They’re even better quality than those pricey lectures, but we don’t ask you for a dime. The lectures are given by high-achieving graduates who are experts in the subjects, and designed to both teach you content and offer you invaluable tips, tricks, and secrets that only a high-achieving student can give you. The advice our student lecturers have just won’t be found in any textbook or in any other lecture.

With us, you’re free to go to as many lectures as you want free of charge, and you’re free to tell your friends. That means that you can come down to an awesome university facility, feel the campus vibe, experience uni life with your friends, get vital information and have a blast all at the same time. We recommend that you decide quickly, because we do have a limited capacity, and we do run out of available space within days of launching each lecture series. If you’re keen to come down, then just book your tickets below!

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Past lectures have been sponsored by:

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