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Free HSC Head Start + Exam Revision Lectures – Book Now!

By ATAR Notes in HSC
4th of September 2019

Across this September and October 2019, we are running free HSC lectures – both exam revision (Class of 2019) and head start (Class of 2020+).

Tickets will book out super quickly for these events, so grab your friends, make a day out of it, and make sure not to miss your chance to get ahead!


Book free HSC lectures:




Here are all the details you need. ✌️


Where are the lectures?

HUGE news! For the first time ever, across any ATAR Notes lecture series across any state, our lectures are running at two incredible locations.

Those who have been to ATAR Notes lectures before will be familiar with UTS, Ultimo. This series, we are also running lectures at Macquarie University, North Ryde.

We’re so excited by this, because it means our lectures are even more accessible to a heap of HSC students!


What subjects are on offer?


In total, we have 51 lectures on offer, covering a wide range of HSC subjects. Subjects on offer vary from campus to campus, and from series to series. Check the full timetable for September and October below!

HSC head start and exam revision lectures


When are the lectures?

🔥 HSC Exam Revision Lectures (Class of 2019): September 28-29
🔥 HSC Head Start Lectures (Class of 2020+): October 5-6


How do I book?

Easy! Just go to this link here, find the relevant lectures, and book your place.

Our lectures are, unfortunately, limited by capacity, so please don’t put off registering! We can’t wait to see you at the lectures. 🎈