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May 26, 2020, 02:41:49 am

Author Topic: Practice Exam Tracker And Statistics (Spreadsheet) Version Pi- The FINAL Version  (Read 21277 times)  Share 

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It depends really, for example if you aren't doing say methods, then that opens up two slots, and you just have to change the names around and read the "setup" page. You could copy a sheet by I think it may not get included in the predicitions and statistics page. If I had the time (I don't really atm, should be writing a lab report right now.....) I could have a look at it and try to include it, although I don't remember half of how I set up the groupings/lists linked to the cells, it ended up quick complicated in the end, so I probably wont get to have another look at it.

The reason why I only made 5 slots is because of English, kinda because I didn't fell that I would get enough english exams done to make it worth putting it in, that was me though, didn't account for it. So if it doesn't fit, then I'd suggest excluding english in one and say, making another copy of the file, clearing each sheet out and just filling one up for english. Sorry about that. Also note that the predicition is just a prediction, there is no guarentee, its more there just to see if you are improving or staying the same, and too see which sub jects you need to work on more.

Hope that helps :)
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Hey b^3 :) I love this spreadsheet and even customized it myself to update it to 2011 grade distributions and add automatic grade calculation for the distributions given. This will make it much easier to keep tracking of my 40+ bio practice exams and I really like the mean, SD and prediction. :) Thanks so much!
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Bill Ding

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Thank you.


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just downloaded this thing and am really confused on how to use it so could someone explain how to use this thing in simple language
Thanks very much


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just downloaded this thing and am really confused on how to use it so could someone explain how to use this thing in simple language
Thanks very much

same here haha


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When you type in desired score on the Predictions tab (i'm referring to the methods exam 1 and 2 subjects)
Do you type in the marks (160 downwards for exam 2 and 80 downwards for exam 1) or the percentage (100% downwards?)

I'm kinda confused. If i type in the marks for exam 2, it seems to work alright but not when i type in marks for exam 1

I really hope someone finds this and answers. Apparently, this topic hasn't been posted for more than 30 days... :o