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June 04, 2020, 06:17:36 am

Author Topic: BA - Starting Course Midyear issues  (Read 705 times)  Share 

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BA - Starting Course Midyear issues
« on: May 16, 2010, 10:30:59 pm »
Okay so I'm planning to apply at UoM for BA (hurry up June 14th please D:), starting midyear. I've gotten way ahead of myself and already planned out my major/minor/IDF subjects/breadth subjects, and my timetable. UoM makes it a lot easier than Monash did, as there doesn't seem to be subjects that run for the whole year, meaning you'd have to start the sequence from Semester one.

German (my planned minor.)

I won't be able to start German until Second semester, so I'm doing two breadths in first semester. So I'll be doing the follow up sequence for that in first semester, of 2011.

This means by the end of first year, I'll only have completed one German language unit, and by the end of my degree, only completed 5. Which isn't enough for a minor? I don't know, does anyone get what I mean and have a solution for this issue of how I can make it into a minor?

I know there are a FEW electives in German, but if I don't have all the language components because of restrictions on the semester I can undertake it, where does that leave me?
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