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Update: 99.75 Tutor for VCE subjects

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Hi :)

I completed my VCE in 2009 from Mac.Rob with an ENTER score of 99.75.

I am hoping to provide tuition from February 2011 for the following VCE subjects:

- Accounting
- Chemistry
- Maths Methods
- Further Maths

Tuition is not restricted to VCE subjects. I am willing to provide tuition in these subjects for younger students.

Rates are affordable and negotiable. Venue of tuition will be at State Library.

I have one year's experience in tutoring in Methods and Chemistry. I have tutored a range of students from a variety of schools. I am passionate about Methods especially and would be delighted to tutor you.

Maths Methods (49) with 97/100 on SACs
I always thought that Maths Methods is often underestimated in terms of difficulty. It requires a lot of attention to detail as well as very good theoretical knowledge and the ability to manipulate this knowledge in contexts of difficult questions. Exposure to a wide variety of questions is crucial to attain a high raw score. It is not enough to simply do the text book questions and a few exam preparation booklets. I can help train you in terms of exam techniques and give you exposure to a wide variety of questions as well as help you with general theory and text book exercises.

I have back to front knowledge in this subject and am in constant touch with the subject since I am studying a Maths based course at University, with first year subject marks in Calculus 1 [100] and Calculus 2 [99], both of which are extensions of the concepts covered in Maths Methods.

Accounting (49), ranked 1 for school SACs
I think that Accounting is a tricky subject, requiring consistent effort and dedication. It is approximately 60% book keeping and 40% theoretical knowledge. You really need to understand the fundamental Accounting principles as well as work steadily through the practical exercises, seeking assistance wherever you are facing confusion. I can help you work through the practical questions as well as help you understand the finer  Accounting theory points.

I studied Accounting subjects last year at University so am quite familiar with the subject.

Chemistry (44), ranked 1 for school SACs
I found that Chemistry was a challenging subject requiring in depth theoretical knowledge as well as having the ability to perform calculations and approach problems. Being able to apply theory is very important -you need exposure to a wide variety of questions. Having done many practice application questions myself, I can assist you in solving such exam style problems and can also help you understand the difficult theory points.

Further Maths (49) with rank 1 on SACs
A common misconception is that Further Maths is a really easy subject. I agree that the theory and calculations in Further Maths are relatively straight forward when compared to Maths Methods, but you still need to work and have a good exposure to a variety of questions in order to do well. A lot of people can do the Maths in Further but unfortunately that is not what determines your study score. Further Maths has a lot of tricky questions which catch people out. Each mark lost in Further Maths costs you dearly. I can assist you with solving tricky questions and with providing you with difficult exam questions. I did CORE Statistics and for my modules, I did Geometry/Trig; Graphs and Relations; Networks and Matrices.

Please PM me if you are interested. Name the subject and give me your contact details and available times. I will be able to tutor from the end of January.

I look forward to hearing from you!
Ilovemathsmeth :)

Hi, just wondering where you are located.
CHeers, s

I'm located near the CBD :)

Are you only offering tutoring near the CBD, or are you available to do private tuition?


--- Quote from: sebdog117 on December 30, 2009, 01:56:27 pm ---Are you only offering tutoring near the CBD, or are you available to do private tuition?

--- End quote ---

I think she means she is available to do private tuition in the State Library, which is near the CBD.


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