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July 24, 2019, 10:03:44 am

Author Topic: VERY IMPORTANT - !!Dot Point not covered !!  (Read 1226 times)  Share 

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VERY IMPORTANT - !!Dot Point not covered !!
« on: November 10, 2009, 10:44:44 pm »
Okay well sorry for leaving this to last!
These are the dot points not covered in the 2008 Exam;

Dot points not covered
Electric power
•   Describe the operation of a DC motors,
•   Compare and contrast DC motors, generators and alternators,
•   Explain transformer action … qualitatively,
•   Model mathematically … transmission losses,
•   Explain the use or transformers in an electricity distribution system.

Interactions of light and matter
•   Explain the result of Young’s double slit experiment … including qualitative effect of wavelength on interference pattern,
•   Interpret the pattern produced by light when it passes through a gap ..
•   Interpret electron diffraction pattern as evidence for the wave-like nature of matter …,
•   Compare the momentum of photons and of particles of the same wavelength …,
•   Explain a model of quantised energy levels of the atom in which electrons are founding standing wave states.

Synchrotron and its applications
•   Compare the characteristics of synchrotron radiation including brightness, spectrum and divergence with … ,
•   Describe the operation of a typical beam line as a tuneable source of radiation.

•   Explain qualitatively the operation of optical fibres as simple, intensity-based sensors.

•   Explain resonance in terms of superposition … ,
•   Explain qualitatively the effects of baffles and enclosures for loudspeakers,
•   Evaluate the fidelity of microphones and loudspeakers in terms of … .
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