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January 16, 2021, 04:59:02 pm

Author Topic: hairs9's fancy science degree journal  (Read 190 times)

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hairs9's fancy science degree journal
« on: January 14, 2021, 12:47:06 pm »
I have received my offer for a bachelor of science advanced research degree at Monash and thought it was a perfect time to start this journal.

Why Advanced Research? Why Monash?
I chose this course over a regular science degree for a few reasons.
1. Having a higher atar requirement gave me something to strive for in year 12 and I felt like I was actually using my high atar for something
2. The ability to accelerate units easier. This is especially useful because I have already done 2 first year maths units through Monash and I don't want to have to jump through as many hoops to be able to do second year subjects this year
3. All of the small perks like a camp(fingers crossed it actually happens), study area and exclusive subjects.
4. The mandatory double major(I know you can do it in a science degree but it's nice having everything planned out)

None of those reasons involve research which would probably be the main reason why people choose this degree. I'm not sure if I want to do research. I probably would not want to go into academia but it wouldn't be bad doing research for a company. I'm hoping this degree will give me clarity about whether research is something I want to pursue. High school doesn't really give that much opportunity for research(especially in fields like maths) so I'm hoping to understand more of what it's like.

I chose Monash over Melbourne(even though it'd be easier to enroll with my prior credit) because Monash offers a double major for science and Melbourne doesn't. Also because it's closer(but pretty much inaccessible by public transport, at least until the rail loop gets built).

Why the name?
I have called this journal my fancy science degree journal because that's how I refer to it. I feel like constantly saying bachelor of science advanced research is long-winded and pretentious, and no one really understands what it is.
I got my offer at about 7 am(if I knew it was that early I would've set my alarm). I enrolled as soon as I woke up, which was at about 8. Or at least enrolled in the first step(it has been 4 and a half hours yet still no email from Monash to set up my password). But at least it's given me plenty of time to think about my subject selections/course map(although I have been thinking about that for years because I'm that pedantic).
I would like to do a double major in mathematics(maybe applied mathematics?) and chemistry and I would probably like to do my honours year in chemistry. Chemistry is more my 'fun' major and I feel like it has more possibilities for good in the world(in terms of things like climate action). However, I don't know if there are a lot of jobs in it. Maths on the other hand I still really enjoy but I know I can probably get a job at the end of it(based on my research on SEEK because once again, I'm pedantic, a lot of jobs in things like data analytics want someone with an analytical degree, which includes maths). I'm leaning towards applied maths because I hate proofs and am not as interested in the probability side. I don't really know much about maths research, especially applied maths research but maybe it will end up being something I enjoy.

Like I said earlier, I did two university level subjects last year at Melbourne University, based on their first year maths sequence, which is different to Monash's first year sequence. According to the person I talked to on open day, I should be able to get credit for a first year maths sequence(MTH1030 and a first year maths elective). Because the subjects are different, I'm pretty sure MTH2021 is a similar subject to the linear algebra I did at Melbourne(except only the hard parts :/ maybe it will get easier the second time around?)
But anyway, before I can even get credit for the subjects, I have to enroll in subjects, so I guess I'll do the first year sequence for maths and add a couple of psych subjects?

But, my course plan for first year(once I hopefully get credit) looks something like this:
CHM1051     FIT1045     MTH2010     MTH2021
CHM1052     FIT1008    MTH2032     MTH2051

I am very excited for the advanced chemistry units. I hope that the ATAR/study score cut off means that everyone in class will be more dedicated and not wanting to mess around a lot during labs.
I chose computer science subjects because I enjoy coding and want to learn properly how to do it, especially since so many STEM jobs require it. I could've done advanced subjects but I'm semi-new to coding and also I feel like there can be a toxic computer science culture, especially for people that think they're better than everyone else and I'm trying to stick clear of this.
I chose the mandatory subjects for applied maths(all the third year subjects I want to do have different prerequisites). I didn't choose the advanced linear algebra unit, partially because I'm not sure if I qualify, but also because I do not want to extend myself in that subject.

I guess that's about everything. I'm hoping to push my electives into third year because I'd like to study abroad and I think that would make my life easier. This course only gives a maximum 4 non-scientific electives anyway, but I might just do more science subjects instead. I'm trying to avoid doing too many essays so the more subjects I find without essays, the better.
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2021: Bachelor of Science - Advanced(Research) at Monash

Bri MT

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Re: hairs9's fancy science degree journal
« Reply #1 on: January 14, 2021, 01:10:07 pm »
Hey :)


Last year I was the president of the Monash Advanced Science and Science Scholars Society (mass^3) & I know that the president this year (who is in your degree) really wants to help the first years have a sense of community. The advanced science common room can be pretty easy to miss given there are a few signs with 19 Rainforest Walk on them. It's where the ramp is in the undercover space in front of the flying fox sculptures (they look like metal bats on the wall) at the first year bio labs on rainforest walk (hopefully that description helps once you're actually there!). You'll need your student id in order to get in.

I personally did find that CHM1051 and CHM1052 had good group work & people actually contributed etc.

Best of luck for your uni journey!


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Re: hairs9's fancy science degree journal
« Reply #2 on: January 14, 2021, 01:27:16 pm »
Oh wow this is strange lmao.

Waddup, I did this course way back in 2014-2017 (was MASS^3 president in 2016, that thing that Bri mentioned above, though I think I'm now officially part of the "forgotten" group of cubians lmao. Highly recommend joining, it's a good time). I also majored in chemistry and maths - I even took it one step further and got a double major in chemistry and a major in mathematical statistics. Let me know if you have questions - my knowledge is slightly out of date, but I can still help you if your questions are opinion on chem stuff or what maths subjects will complement chemistry. (speaking of: if at any point you think you need some stats to help you with chemistry, do NOT do STA1010 - do MTH2232 instead. They cover the exact some statistical tests, but MTH2232 does it a lot more rigorously and is way more interesting of a unit, and not that much harder - basically not harder at all if you have some solid maths background, with the bonus of actually understanding the maths behind everything. I also just generally recommend MTH2222 - it's a basic probability unit, and it's just generally a good idea to do the basic probability, applied, and pure maths units if you're interested in doing lots of maths. You've already got the basic applied unit, MTH2032, and the basic pure unit was probably on your radar already - MTH2140/3140. I recommend the third year unit, because third year units are more important for major requirements, and from what I hear all the content is the same, just that 3140 has like, 2 harder questions in the exam or something)

Good luck with everything!
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Re: hairs9's fancy science degree journal
« Reply #3 on: January 14, 2021, 01:36:29 pm »
congratulations on your offer!

tbf I think even in the non-advanced science units most people are pretty good at getting their work done.