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January 25, 2021, 08:23:34 am

Author Topic: VCE Physics, Methods and Specialist Tutoring 99+ ATAR  (Read 241 times)  Share 

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Kenny wang

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VCE Physics, Methods and Specialist Tutoring 99+ ATAR
« on: December 01, 2020, 09:49:31 pm »
VCE Physics, Methods and Specialist Tutoring

Hi I am Kenny, a highly motivated Biomedical Science student at Monash going into 2nd year. I graduated from John Monash Science School (JMSS) in 2019 with an ATAR of 99.20. I am passionate in self-improvement, teaching and sharing my experiences with upcoming students to help realise their potentials and achieve the desired outcomes in VCE!

A bit about me

I’ve always thought of myself as an overachiever during VCE, someone with mediocre talent but learned to build an exceptional work ethic and practice deliberate reflection, which ultimately allowed me to achieve in the top 1 percentile (with some luck too, of course).
During my time in VCE I’ve felt lost, uncertain, I knew I had it in me to put in the work but the question was always how and what?

What exactly should I be working on that is most effective?
How should I prepare for exams and SACs to maximize the gains for my time?
What is the right mindset and strategy to succeed at a high level in VCE?

I’ve found some of these answers in seeking out my own mentors, learning from those who were better and reflecting diligently from my own experience. Now that I’ve been through this journey, I hope to help others by passing on not only my own experience but also those I’ve learned from mentors and peers.
I author a blog where I write about the concepts and habits from a personal development point of view, relating to VCE and University.
I host a growing podcast series “Amongst the Uncommon” on YouTube where I talk with high achievers in VCE in regards to their mindset and experiences. It is a free resource that I’ve always wished for during Year 11 and 12 but never found, so that’s what I hope to be able to provide for future students: a collection of experiences and perspectives from some of the best students that you can learn from.

(scaled scores)

✅ 99.20 ATAR
✅ Physics 49
✅ Methods 46
✅ Specialist 48
✅ 1 year of tutoring experience both in person and online - 9 past students
✅ Volunteer tutoring experience for classes of 6-7 students via zoom
✅ Currently studying Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Scholars Program) at Monash University, strong interest in genetics and human aging

Services – What I do

If you feel lost about where to direct your efforts, exactly what and how to approach VCE Physics and Maths to maximize your score then you’ve come to the right place. Beyond the general content, I like to examine the details that separates the average from the 40+ study score students, the game-like elements of VCAA exams, what exactly are they looking for? How to problem solve, the patterns and ways of thinking beyond conventional content used to deal with difficult questions.

If you’re looking to build a consistent work ethic, have a tutor to hold you accountable and learning to become an independent learner, creating the habits and mindsets that assist you in excelling academically, that’s what I do.

If you’re just struggling with general content and need someone to clearly articulate to you the key concepts and guide you step-by-step through questions then I am here for that too, no doubt.

If you’re an ambitious student going into VCE and is eager for an early edge in the holidays, don’t hesitate.

Even if you’re a year 9 or 10 looking to build a solid foundation in Maths and Physics and to get some perspective for the endgame of VCE, I will be the right person.

🖊️ One on one tutoring – $40/hour
🖊️ Group tutoring – $30 – $35/hour (bring a friend!)
🖊️ General study skill consulting – the underrated skills to being an effective and independent learner
🖊️ Wolfram Mathematica Help – for Methods and Specialist maths
🖊️ Devising personalised study systems and schedules
🖊️ 9am – 8pm help via text/messenger
🖊️ Mentoring – Feeling uncertain about VCE and Uni? Happy to share my experiences and the different perspectives.

Locations and availability

📌 Monash University (Clayton Campus)
📌 Clayton Library
📌 Clarinda Library
📌 Virtual – via zoom
🕒 Sessions available 9am – 7pm Mon – Sat (Summer Holiday)
🕒 Preference – Saturday 9am – 5pm
🕒 Book early for weekly sessions at your preferred time!


📞 0411 615 084
📧 [email protected]
 FB @kenny.ct.wang (Kenny Wang) – messenger preferred : )

Free resources and advice:

✅ Amongst the Uncommon Podcast – check it out on YouTube, advice from high achievers
✅ Work hard AND smart, reflection is key! Have a systematic routine reflecting on your mistakes
✅ Plan and organise obsessively, you should know what you need to be doing at every hour of the day
✅ Start early. Start what early? Everything.
✅ Be ambitious, don’t be afraid to aim high and outwork your talent
✅ Have a study system
✅ Read non-fiction, self-development books – check out my blog for recommendations
✅ Focus on your preparation not the results

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