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November 29, 2020, 10:32:44 pm

Author Topic: Entering ADFA as a fast jet fighter pilot  (Read 187 times)  Share 

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Entering ADFA as a fast jet fighter pilot
« on: November 08, 2020, 03:00:59 pm »
Hey all!

I'm Nick, and i'm a 17y/o student from Victoria who is currently in Year 11 about to enter Y12. I'm looking to go into the RAAF as a fast jet fighter pilot through studying a degree (preferrably a Bachelor of Aeronautical Technology and Engineering) at the Australian Defence Force Academy. The subjects i'm currently studying are;

English Language
Mathematical Methods
Specialist Mathematics
Religion And Society (dropping in Y12 as I can only have 5 subjects)

I study pretty hard, get decent grades and apart from school i'm joining the CFA as a volunteer. I'm also the Performing Arts captain at my school. I have a background in aviation (I fly simulators and have some gear to fly DCS with) and love studying it.

My question for those who have either studied or are studying at ADFA or are in the Air Force as a pilot would be:

What can I be doing to ensure that I do the best in my hopes to get into ADFA as a pilot? Are there any tips that made your life easier, or that you wish you knew before the application process? I'd greatly appreciate any help or tips that anyone has to offer!

Thanks Heaps!