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September 28, 2020, 10:51:32 pm

Author Topic: JMSS Interview and Entrance test Guide  (Read 66 times)  Share 

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If I make it to JMSS

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JMSS Interview and Entrance test Guide
« on: September 16, 2020, 03:03:28 pm »
Hey smart fellas!  :).  [Dated : 16th Sept 2020]
I recently got accepted at JMSS ( ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ) and Iíll be joining it in 2021. This guide is for those who are applying for entry at JMSS.  8)

Firstly,there is an examination which you have to give. The test has 5 parts-
-Numerical Reasoning
-Essay based on Science topics
-Report Writing
- Science Reasoning
The test is pretty easy to pass if you prepare well. Just keep practicing and know how to solve basic year 9 Maths. There are a bunch of questions related to year 10 in the Maths test,but they are easy as well. Know how to design a report and structure an essay. For science reasoning,you can buy the ďExcel Science Study Guide Year 9Ē to help you. The Science Reasoning is arguably the most difficult test on the Exam. Know how to read a graph and solve logical patterns and problems. ;D. The exam is not designed to be finished, but you can finish up to 50 questions of both Maths and Numerical Reasoning if you practise. I didnít join any kind of tuition because I think if you solve science and maths study guides,you are well prepared for the exam.

The last part of the enrolment process is the INTERVIEW. This is which  most of the people canít pass. Approximately 1000 apply for entry at JMSS, 400-500 are interviewed and only 200 end up getting in.So,this is the most difficult process of the interview.  :-X
Firstly you will have to engage with other students and you will get to do some Science related fun activities. I didnít get to do those as due to Coronavirus,the whole interview process was Online and these activities couldnít be conducted online.

For the interview, it is designed to see if you will fit the JMSS environment. You will have to express your passion for science. Try telling the interviewers about what inventions or ideas you have in your mind,tell them about how curious you are about science,tell them the importance of Science etc.

The whole interview process is pretty general. You will have to tell them about your passion for science EVEN IF THEY DONT ASK YOU ABOUT IT. The interviewers didnít ask me anything about my passion,but I already had prepared for it and told them about it. I talked about MRIs and how they work. Be confident,positive  and always keep smiling. I was interviewed by JMSSí vice principal,Andrew Chisholm by surprise  ;D ;D.  Also,I would advice you to have a good breakfast at the day of the interview so that you are fully charged   ;)

I wish you all  the best of luck for your enrolment application at JMSS. If you want more tips/ study material then feel free to PM me or reply here. If you are already at JMSS or have got accepted this year,then feel free to talk.

Thanks & Regards,
Ash  8) 8) 8) 8)

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I recently got accepted at JMSS 😎😎😎