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September 23, 2020, 08:42:29 pm

Author Topic: Advice from past psych students how to study? Also what did you get?  (Read 203 times)  Share 

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We have literally just finished the psych 3/4 course and the final sac is next Monday (well thereís one next term but thatís research methods). Iíve been doing scattered unit 3 revision I.e flash cards, posters and a bit of checkpoints......where should I go from here? Use a unit 3 exam (NEAP do Iím not wasting VCAA) as a diagnostic tool? I also should say our teacher have made us do vcaa questions by topic ALL through the year so I can comfortable say Iíve done every vcaa question from 2002 onward- but of course Iíll do the full exams for practise as I obviously donít remember all of them.

P.S Iím in year 12 and didnít do a 3/4 last year and am doing 4 other subjects and am so lost......any advice? All I know is spamming practise exams ≠ a 50 and that marking them is WAY more important (Iíve started chem and bio exams and this takes like an HOUR!)
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Re: Advice from past psych students how to study? Also what did you get?
« Reply #1 on: September 01, 2020, 05:13:35 pm »
Hey, I'm not a Psych student but have you checked out this amazing Resource collection thread on AN?
There are a lot of amazing tips from Psych students who have gotten 40+, as well as external resources for topics in Units 3&4.
I do Bio, and I think they're similar in terms of content so I'd say do revise all the topics in Psych (I do the questions from my Edrolo textbook) to get a hang of the content first, do the first VCAA exam in the new study design as a diagnostic, any external company papers your teacher gives or you have, and past VCAA exams. I'd leave the 2 most recent papers for the week/ two weeks before your exam. Like you said correction is really important as it gives you hints towards your weaknesses. Analyse them after a few practice exams, and then target practice questions for that topic. Once you feel confident move onto the next exam.
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Re: Advice from past psych students how to study? Also what did you get?
« Reply #2 on: September 15, 2020, 02:49:06 pm »
Hey! I completed Psychology U3/4 in 2018 with a raw study score of 41. My SAC scores averaged from 75-95%. Just like yourself, I didn't do any 3/4 subjects in Year 11 either, and Psychology was of my 5 subjects too.

You're doing fantastic already by the sounds of it. I was a bit laid back when it came to exam revision, I probably began revision about a month before my exam? At the beginning of my revision I tried to complete practice exams all in one go, this may be an efficient method of study for some but it personally burnt me out. Trying to shove so much content into such a small amount of time didn't work for me.

Instead I began doing practice SACs for each topic. I would complete one for U3AOS1 with my notes beside me, and then would complete another one for U3AOS1 without my notes. I did maybe around 4-6 of these a week (2 for each area of study), 3 weeks before my exam (I know, should've studied sooner). I actually only completed 2 practice exams for psychology after finishing all those practice sacs and managed to come out with an A+ on the exam.

I'm sure I could've definitely benefited from completing more practice exams but I found working on the information in smaller chunks really benefited me and I wasn't as stressed as I wasn't looking at the "bigger picture" of everything I needed to know!

I know its easy to say, but try not to stress yourself out, you seem incredibly motivated and you will be fine :) I hope this little insight on how I studied helped you out. Best of luck!
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