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September 21, 2020, 06:30:56 am

Author Topic: English vs English Language  (Read 114 times)  Share 

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English vs English Language
« on: August 07, 2020, 04:35:11 pm »
Hi AN  :)   (disregard 'English' in my signature; undecided atm)

I know there are heaps of threads that I could easily look through, but I'd like some help specific to my scenario.

First, I'm a year ten student. I'd say I'm pretty good at English. Not a fully fledged English geek (so no lit haha) but still good/interested enough to get the second highest mark in last year's mhs English exam (I think I only lost 2 marks). It was a very english-langauge styled exam, as there were two extracts and we had to talk about social contexts, grammar, write some essays on them etc.

So I like language because I enjoy analyzing language and social contexts of contemporary words/ways of speaking/writing. Further, I enjoy that element of objectivity. However, I also like mainstream English because of the opinions you can express in your text responses as well as orals+persuasive writing, which I really like :D (I'm a debater, that's why I like analysing stuff, but still, individuality with English)

I'm not prepared to take both Eng Language and mainstream, since I'm pretty set in stone with my subjects. Oh, and another thing, my subjects are quite heavy: methods, spec, chem, bio 3/4, econ, engsub. I know all VCE subjects need 'the same' work to get high marks, but I'm wondering that perhaps choosing language could be a detriment to my time, since it's very much a study of linguistics and requires learning a lot of new content, unlike English in a way.

Two things to end this post on. One, I have to submit a draft of subjects by Monday. Two, at mhs, if we take lang or lit, pretty sure we can drop it for English mainstream in the/end of the year if wanted.; Perhaps this could help with recommendations.

My apologies for another one of these threads, I am just feeling a little conflicted with my own situation..   :P
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