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September 25, 2020, 09:01:51 pm

Author Topic: idk what course to do  (Read 418 times)  Share 

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idk what course to do
« on: August 06, 2020, 10:25:43 am »
Hey ppl,
I'm a current year 12 and still have no clue what I want to do with my life, I am currently doing really well at school atm and my subjects are.
English, pe, further, chem and health with business last year (37, a bit disappointed but what can you do)

atm i have a few courses in mind and would love to hear your opinion on them!

Potential courses:
Physiotherapy at LaTrobe (with aspire)
Bachelor of Arts Melb Uni
PPE at monash
PPE/Law at monash
Psychology at monash
Biomed/law at latrobe
Science/Education at monash
Biomed/Commerce at Latrobe

Also, as i haven't satisfied the prereq for maths methods, i have also thought of a career in potentially becoming an orthodontist or a vet but aware I don't satisfy entry requirements, my question is, if I end up undertaking Biomed say at Latrobe or RMIT, am i eligible to transfer into Melbourne Biomed or is this way too competitive? (the only thing really stopping me from going into the course of biomed is the competition and ultimately the uncertainty of being able to specialise in what you really want to do e.g. dentistry to go to orthodontics), or should I just undertake a single subject study at Melbourne doing maths methods so that i satisfy the pre req and go into Biomed or is this still hard to do?

Thanks for your time and sorry for having to read all of this!!


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Re: idk what course to do
« Reply #1 on: August 06, 2020, 05:14:42 pm »
Hey VC2020!

Welcome to ATAR Notes :)

Congrats on completing a 3/4 subject last year! No matter what score you got, doing so is an excellent achievement.

I see the courses you've listed are quite different to each other. I have some questions for you:
- Out of the courses you've listed, what kind of course interests you the most?
- What subjects do you enjoy currently?
- What are the pros and cons of each, in your opinion?
- What do you want to get out of uni?

It is likely to be competitive to transfer across unis, but it is definitely not impossible! However, there are a variety of ways to gain entry to UniMelb's biomed course without completing methods that aren't transferring. You can see those options by clicking here (takes you to UniMelb's prerequisites website). Doing the Calculus and Probability Online course can get you into the course from the beginning without having to do a single unit study of maths in another course and it's shorter than the other options - something to consider.

Some of the advantages of choosing Biomed plus some info about undergraduate Dentistry - this is a bit of a long one!
Choosing biomed can help you keep your options open a bit more due to the selection of majors. Studying biomed would make it easier to choose postgraduate physio, law, education, vet med, dentistry, psychology or even something in commerce depending on what units (subjects) you choose to undertake during your degree. re: Your comment about specialisation in dentistry - Doing undergraduate dentistry would give you more of a guaranteed pathway into specialisation as you don't have biomed as an extra hurdle. AFAIK, the only unis that offer dentistry in Victoria are La Trobe and UniMelb. UniMelb's dentistry course is a postgraduate one, and requires you to do an undergraduate degree in any discipline, as well as the prerequisite subjects and the GAMSAT. You might be able to do the prerequisite subjects in any degree (as part of the breadth component), but those also have prerequisites which you could take as part of your non-breadth subjects, depending on the course you do. With La Trobe's dentistry course, there's the option of doing a biology bridging course to satisfy the biology prerequisite. There are also undergraduate dentistry courses around Australia if this is something that you would like to / can do.

the only thing really stopping me from going into the course of biomed is the competition
By this, do you mean the competition within the course or the competition for entry to the course? If it's the latter, it shouldn't stop you from trying. Competition within the course shouldn't stop you from studying what you want to study. Perhaps you could try the course out and transfer to another course if you dislike any aspect of it?

This is a lot of information to take in! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions / concerns :)

Hope this helps :)


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Re: idk what course to do
« Reply #2 on: August 06, 2020, 06:31:36 pm »
thanks so much for the response!
And yes, if I had to say a course that interests me the most itíd definitely be biomed, I was just annoyed knowing it would take me slightly longer or even thinking I could never do it due to the subjects I do, but if I know that I eligible to go into the course than Iíll definitely do that.
My interesting subject atm has got to be health (lowkey best subject)
What I want to get out of uni is pretty much just enjoying myself but at the same time doing the course I really enjoy, thatíd be ideal :)
That link for the prerequisites is also really good! So thanks for that! I was reading through and it says for the bachelor science, do I have to transfer from science to biomed if thatís the case? And also, how would that work with my VTAC application? would I just not put any courses and just apply to that and with the atar I achieve, do they also take that into consideration?

Looking forward to hearing back from you soon :)


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Re: idk what course to do
« Reply #3 on: August 06, 2020, 10:39:00 pm »
I was reading through and it says for the bachelor science, do I have to transfer from science to biomed if thatís the case?
Yeah it would be.

And also, how would that work with my VTAC application?
If you want pretty much the majority of possible tertiary courses in Victoria (e.g. uni, TAFE, some specialist courses), then you'll have to apply via VTAC (not the uni directly). You can apply for up to 8 courses, which you do by:
1. Make an account with VTAC and pay the fee as soon as you can to avoid the late fees. Your school should be helping you through making an account soon, if not already.
2. Input your details, documentation and applications as necessary. (Scholarships and special consideration sometimes require documents or applications via VTAC or through your desired institute(s).)
3. Pick your preferences - this is where you'd pick up to 8 courses as your preferences. The higher the preference, the more you want that course. If you want to study Biomed at UoM the most, then put Biomed at UoM as your Preference #1. (Note that some courses require more than just ATAR for entry. In these cases, you might be required to provide a portfolio, do an interview/ performance, and/or take a test e.g. UCAT for medicine/ some health sciences. You will be notified if this is the case, but you should also do your research to check if they do. Some of these extra requirements happen earlier e.g. UCAT must be sat at certain times of the year.)
4. You wait. Once it gets to the deadlines for offers, you'll be ranked against everyone else who has put that as a preference and the uni will decide whether they want to give you an offer. Many unis might give you more than one offer, but you'll only know what the highest successful offer is. For example, if you put Biomed at UoM as Preference #1, Science at UoM as Preference #2 and Biomed at La Trobe as Preference #3. Let's just say that UoM doesn't give you an offer for Biomed, but wants to give you an offer for Science and La Trobe also gives you an offer for Biomed. In this case, you'll only know that you received an offer for your Preference #2 - Science at UoM via VTAC, since this was the highest preference you received an offer from, if that makes sense.
5. You can change your preferences around during selected times between offer rounds. Yeah, there's multiple rounds of offers, so you're allowed to switch courses around before/ after each round, but note that as each round passes, it gets much more difficult to get an offer for a higher preference as the spots fill up quick. Also note that only higher preferences will be considered, so if you get offered Preference #1 in Round 1 but have decided to switch directions between Rounds 1 and 2, then you need to change your preferences before the deadline for Round 2 to be considered for it in that round.     
6. If you are OK with your offered course, you'll accept the offer, regardless of if you want to take a gap year or defer (temporarily pause) your course. For some institutes, accepting the offer means you'll be enrolling into that institute and/or course. You can still switch courses if you receive a better offer later on and won't have to pay any fees unless you switch/ ditch that course after a certain date (known as the census date), which is usually a few weeks after you begin that course.
7. Start the course or wait until it starts.

with the atar I achieve, do they also take that into consideration?
VTAC automatically uses your ATAR + special consideration (where applicable) to give you an offer. Each institute you put as a preference will cull students who don't fulfil any prerequisites for each course (e.g. you won't be considered for Biomed at UoM if you haven't done Methods/Spesh) and individually rank students according to ATAR + special consideration (SEAS) + any other adjustment factors that that institute has that applies to you (e.g. Access Melbourne, for La Trobe subject bonuses) and they will then report whether or not they want to give you an offer to VTAC. From your VTAC account (and the email you make your VTAC account with), you'll later on be notified of your successful offer(s).   
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Re: idk what course to do
« Reply #4 on: August 06, 2020, 10:47:30 pm »
Thanks for the input 🙏🏼