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September 21, 2020, 07:35:36 am

Author Topic: JMSS Exam 2020 Review  (Read 61 times)  Share 

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If I make it to JMSS

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JMSS Exam 2020 Review
« on: August 03, 2020, 11:28:29 am »
Hi everyone, this is Ash. :)
If, like me even you have given the JMSS online exam yesterday for entry into year 10 in 2021,then this discussion is for you.  ;)

On 2nd August 2020 , we did an online examination for JMSS,which is the first time there has been an online selective school exam.

How did your exams go?
I found the examination to be pretty easy except the science reasoning part which drove me crazy. I did pretty well on the numerical reasoning and Maths,which were pretty easy.
Also I am expecting a SUPERIOR for the practical report writing. We were asked about the impact of light intensity on Elodea,and I think the topic itself was pretty clear.
I did alright on the science essay,Iím not gonna say I did too good,but not very bad either. 8)
Tell me how your exam went. :D
And also,if you know when will we be notified about our acceptance or rejection,then pls do tell me.
And if guys have some interview tips,then I would love to receive them.

Thanks and if you want any tips and study material,or you want to ask me something then feel free to reply here or PM me.


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