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June 22, 2021, 05:01:45 am

Author Topic: head of subject refusing to let me change my subject from EAL to English  (Read 1122 times)

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Hi, im currently in year 11 and i do EAL for my english subject, i mostly get about 60% average for most of my english work. and to be honest most of the stuff being taught generally i have found boring and thats probs the reason why im not doing so well. However, it came to my attention that normal english has way more intresting stuff, currently they are doing blade runner and frakenstein and the topic of human identity. This type of topic totoally suits me, (especially that im a big fan of blade runner and understands the story behind the theme of human identity in the film) and i believe that if i'm this interested in the topic, i would get higher grades. next unit's work is about mass media and also PERFECTLY suits my needs, as im aiming to do communition in journalism/ media.

i have been trying to talk to my teachers about it and they said whatever makes me feel more comfortable and think i would do better. to get as much information as possible i talked to the head of subject, we had a good talk until he decided to check my marks for EAL, since then he has been constantly refusing me and kept saying that i shouldnt change and would definitely fail if i change to english. (this is based on my marks alone). i would really like to change to english as i generally believe it would be benefitcial to me. any help?  can teachers decide your subjects? is it not my choice?

Thanks a lot. i really need this.


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Hey mate,

I think the situation you are facing comes down to two-ish main factors. A: This is going to sound weird, but I think this situation may be a school dependent thing (i.e. some schools take students' belief of what they think is right over marks and some, like yours, primarily focus on the grades and decide from that). Generally, though, I do believe that head of departments, in schools, try to make decisions based of what they think is right, which can suck at times. And B: From the message it doesn't sound like it, but it could be a timing issue of either you trying to join in amid a unit or another issue along this lines of this.

I know it may feel like you are being incessantly tortured or mutilated by being stuck in EAL, but if you can't get out of it, then I suggest trying to find ways to engage and interest yourself in the subject. Because, at the end of the day, I am pretty sure English and EAL do the same if not similar external exam. Or, if you are doing 6 subjects, you could not worry about your marks in EAL and focus on your other 5 subjects. Sorry if this is not much help, just thought I try to voice an opinion on this matter seeing its been like a week and you haven't got a reply.

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Have you asked your teachers to advocate on your behalf? They might be more likely to agree to the change if your teachers say they agree with it. 
Is there anything you can do to prove your ability to do standard English? (since this seems to be your school's concern)

Hope this helps


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Hey jackweirdeed123,

I understand the situation you're in and why you want to do this. A few years ago, while selecting my subjects for the following year. I became interested in accelerating in a subject. All was going well, until one coordinator gave a 'recommendation with reservation'. I was slightly dejected; I could understand why he did this as I would be skipping a year's work and would be the youngest student to complete that subject. I wanted to prove that he shouldn't be doubting my capabilities based on those variables. So, I nagged to complete the internal exam for the subject. My desperation allowed me to get an arrangement to complete that exam paper during an exam period. Without attending any of their classes, I got 95%. The marks I lost weren't because of ability, but because of the teacher who taught the subject's preferred specifications that I was not familiar with.

If they're refusing to let you switch to English due to your EAL marks and their subjective opinions, despite you communicating to them your aspirations and how you're very adamant on this. I'd suggest to pluck on some courage and negotiate for an opportunity to do an exam (best) or tests the Year 11 English students completed, to show that you're capable. If you can, try and ask for learning materials that they give to students prior to that assessment and study them. If there's anything you're unsure of that you don't understand after giving your best shots, and your school's English teachers aren't willing to give you some help. You're always welcomed to ask them here on the forums.

Enjoy the process, I believe your desire will carry you through :D
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