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July 16, 2020, 02:07:15 pm

Author Topic: Newest hon mod: Acknowledging a GIANT of AN  (Read 203 times)

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Newest hon mod: Acknowledging a GIANT of AN
« on: June 26, 2020, 04:21:07 pm »
I don't know how to express deeply enough the impact that this person has had on the forums. I seriously and genuinely don't know how to convey this, because it extends beyond their more than TEN THOUSAND posts, and while their respect numbers in the thousands that too doesn't completely just how much of an impact this user has had.

Today is a day of transition but not one of goodbyes, nonetheless, please join me in celebrating:


Jamon's first post was a massive, detailed, friendly, and clear post helping out 2U math students back in June 2015 and since then he has continued to pump out amazing posts. Click on that post and scroll back through some others to see that this wasn't a one-off in quality - then think about the fact that Jamon has over 10,000 posts. Seriously. There's a reason he has the 2nd highest respect of all AN users ever. Jamon has been absolutely instrumental in the development of the HSC forums right from the start but to say that his impact has spread far beyond that as well is an understatement.

That being said, I thought I'd include some excerpts of quotes from a few of our NSW moderators that showcase how massive Jamon's contributions have been and give a glimpse into the attitudes of someone who has dedicated so much of their time to helping students:

Quote from: beatroot
Words literally cannot describe how much Jamon has impacted my life. He was the first face I saw from AN when I attended my first ever lecture back in July 2017. He was the MC for the lecture and he kept going on about how accessible education was so important to him and AN. It was so refreshing to see someone so passionate about accessible education, free resources and wanting to help all high school students succeed their HSC. That was the moment that made me want to delve into AN more. Jamon plays a huge factor of why I am still with AN up to this day and I am forever grateful to have known him.

Jamon isn't just an admin, a lecturer, an author, a manager or a co-worker to me. He's my friend. Jamon is one of the loveliest, wonderful and inspiring people I have ever met. You can talk to Jamon about anything and he will give you genuine advice.


Jamon has clearly played a big role in expanding the NSW community. Jamon is one of the founding fathers of the NSW community alongside Jake and Elyse. Jamon especially played a huge role in the forum community as admin. I'm sure my fellow NSW'ers can agree that we would be lost without him. Jamon has dedicated many hours to answering questions on the forums. It didn't matter if the questions related to the subjects he did during his HSC or just general study tips- Jamon was always there to answer every question on the forums. Jamon also set up NSW forum meetups where we have met people from the forums in real life and made friendships we would forever cherish.

Quote from: angewina_naguen
I will have to say that over the three years I've been involved with AN on the forums and with TS, Jamon deserves an immeasurable amount of credit. He was always an honorary mod in my eyes and I'm hoping the rest of the community aspires to be as great of an influence as he has. In 2018, Jamon motivated me to be a better student. In 2019, Jamon motivated me to be a better employee. And in 2020, Jamon motivates, and will continue to motivate, me and many others I'm sure to be a better person.

Quote from: owidjaja
I'm honestly having difficulties trying to find the words to describe Jamon's contributions. That's because he has done so much for the ATAR Notes community that it's difficult to summarise it all. Obviously, being one of the NSW founders he basically built the NSW community from the ground up. It's very inspiring to see someone so passionate in helping thousands of students. From writing long forum posts guiding students to hosting free lectures, it's really cool to see how far Jamon has come.

Thank you so much Jamon for always being there for the community and for me. I'll always be there to spam you with random engineering-related questions, and I wish you all the best.

Quote from: fun_jirachi
there really isn't any other way to put Jamon but bloody brilliant - helping tirelessly and working far beyond just for students, and always with a smile, and always to each and every person in the class, just to help people achieve their goals. To know that this was just a tiny piece of what he was doing just makes me wonder how much more he actually did - it's just a huge wowzers, honestly.

Thank you Jamon: Honorary Moderator #26

As an admin, a lecturer, an author, a tutor, a leader, a friend, Jamon has worked seemingly tirelessly to support students whether that with advice, knowledge, support, or otherwise. The impact Jamon has left on the forums will always be felt and his contributions will continue to have enduring impacts on ATAR Notes. On a personal level, Jamon modded me a few years back and becoming increasingly invested in AN is certainly something that's had an enduring impact on my life.

The purple text talks about Jamon as the 26th Honorary Moderator but let's be clear here: there's only one Jamon (despite the fact that his contributions are such it could be easy to think that surely there's secretly a team of doppelgangers working away at making the lives of others better). People like Jamon make the world a better place & I'm sure that he will continue doing so on and off the forums. Best of luck for everything in your future Jamon, I'm confident it will be exceedingly bright.

Thank you Jamon: Honorary Moderator #26


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Re: Newest hon mod: Acknowledging a GIANT of AN
« Reply #1 on: June 28, 2020, 10:02:01 am »
Jamon has contributed to ATAR Notes in unparalleled and unique ways. He was an absolutely pivotal member of our initial ATAR Notes - HSC team (with jakesilove and elysepopplewell), and has since done practically everything under the sun for ATAR Notes, including managing, writing publications, forum-building, expo presentations, lecturing, tutoring, social media, doing videos, customer service, writing articles, uploading notes - and an absolute heap of stuff behind-the-scenes.

On the forums specifically, Jamon has been both a national moderator and an administrator but, more importantly, a truly wonderful community member and friend. In my experience, he has always been rational, calm, fair, helpful, and welcoming.

What a legend. 👍👍👍