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August 05, 2021, 03:47:07 am

Author Topic: What should I do for VCE?  (Read 298 times)

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What should I do for VCE?
« on: June 07, 2020, 11:52:51 am »
Hi everyone  :D,
I am in year 10 this year and am wondering what I should pick for my VCE subjects.
I am currently doing 1/2 Legal Studies and 1/2 psychology.
I go to a catholic school which means I have to do Religion for VCE, but I am fine with that.
These are the subjects that I like, I know I have got too many. :-\
Further or methods
Religion and society
Legal and/or psych (depending on my grades)
What are your opinions on these subjects? Which should I choose? I hate maths but am alright at it, so further or methods? What is the recommended number of subjects?
P.S I'm thinking of going into forensic science, medicine or maybe into the legal field.


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Re: What should I do for VCE?
« Reply #1 on: June 07, 2020, 01:25:58 pm »
Hi there!

Letís cross some stuff off first:
- you must do an English subject, so English, English Language, Literature or EAL has to be one of your subjects. In your case, youíve picked English.
- Chemistry is a prerequisite for some medicine courses around the country, including Monash Uniís undergrad medicine course. (Itís the only undergraduate medicine course in Victoria.) if youíre serious about studying medicine, Iíd suggest you take Chemistry to ensure you have as much opportunity to get in, as the only ways around a prerequisite is to go somewhere that doesnít have that prerequisite (which means going interstate), take some equivalent subject (usually at uni/ college) or try at a later stage (i.e. postgraduate courses, which mean youíll have to take another undergraduate uni course that satisfies the postgraduate course requirements before entry and typically takes about 3-4 years longer).
- if your school makes Religion and Society compulsory from U1-4, then youíll have to do it. Not a lot of choice there.
- Besides these three, the rest is a bit up for grabs and pretty much dependent on you, what your goals are and what you like. Iíd recommend going by what you enjoy studying the most.
- Biology/ HHD/ Psych would probably be helpful on the forensic science and medicine front, but arenít compulsory.
- Legal Studies would be helpful  for law, but also isnít compulsory.
- Methods is a prerequisite for some STEM courses that are related to forensic science and medicine e.g. biomedicine/ biomedical science or science, so that might be something to consider. In some STEM courses, maths might be a prerequisite, so Further might be suitable if the prerequisite says ďany mathematicsĒ. Note that a Bachelor of Forensic Science at Deakin has only a raw 20SS English requirement (25 raw SS for EAL) though, so maths is not necessary. (University of Melbourne and Monash University, which are the Victorian unis that tend to have the courses with the highest/ most  prerequisites, donít offer a specific Bachelor of Forensic Science.)
- If you like Italian, by all means, take it! Although LOTE subjects can often be quite a bit of work, theyíre often great for you in the long term: you build soft skills, it opens up your world a bit, great for your resume and often quite good for scaling (but do not focus on scaling for subject selection). Iím a little biased though, so, take with a grain of salt.

In regards to recommended number of subjects, itís typically around 6 subjects as this is how many ďcountĒ towards your ATAR but itís up to you. You can switch subjects after each semester except between Unit 3 and 4, so you can rearrange your subjects as you see fit.
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