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April 10, 2020, 06:27:31 am

Author Topic: Please provide me with some essay feedback  (Read 128 times)  Share 

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Please provide me with some essay feedback
« on: February 21, 2020, 10:53:27 pm »
Nine Days shows that breaking away from that confines us enables us to flourish. To what extent do you agree?

Contention: although fear effectively protects an individual from physical danger, succumbing to fear also causes much harm.

Jordan postulates that succumbing to fear causes significant harm an individual and those that they endeavour to protect. Jordan characterises Jean to be a reputation conscious woman when she uses “…all of [her families money]…” to pay for Connie’s abortion. For the Westaway’s, money symbolises survival. Therefore, Jean’s use of all of her families money to pay for Connie’s abortion, which represents her attempt to protect the reputation of her family as premarital sex was considered taboo, demonstrates that she values reputation over survival. This emphasises her fear of reducing her reputation within the Richmond community. The fact that Connie’s abortion results in her premature death indicates that negative consequences arise when an individual submits to fear. Jordan emphasises this through a flashback Kip has of the repercussions of Connie’s death where he recalls “…women in Richmond … cross[ing] the street when they saw [Jean] coming...”. The fact that women refuse to cross paths with Jean emphasises the decrepit state of her social status in the Richmond community which occurred following Connie’s abortion. This accentuates the harm an individual is forced to when they capitulate to fear. Through Jean’s actions that are borne from a place of fear and result in Connie’s death and the deterioration of Jean’s reputation; Jordan illustrates that when an individual submits to fear they harm themselves and those who they seek to protect.

Jordan suggests that fearless acts cause an individual and those closely connected to them to wither. In a flashback Jean recalls Tom’s untimely death from “…[falling] off a tram…” that he chose ride when drunken. This accentuates that an individual chooses to act in fearless way when their ability to make decisions is compromised. Additionally, it indicates that insensate decisions result in the demise of an individual. Thus, Jordan postulates that fearless acts are often acts of stupidity and their ramification are not considered. Additionally, Jordan illustrates the negative impact of a senseless acts on families through the symbolism of “Connie’s hands [which] were soft [but became] rough.” The initial tenderness of her hands illustrates the respectable status of the Westaway’s prior to Tom’s death as it signifies that she did not do laborious work, which at the time was a privilege only available to women of the upper-class. However, the roughness of her hands following her father’s death not only symbolises the poverty the Westaway’s face, but also their illustrates their decrepit social status following Tom’s death due to the dishonourable way that he died. Through Tom’s senseless decision to ride a tram and the ramifications that it has on his family; Jordan postulates that fearless acts negatively impact an individual and their dependants.