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February 28, 2021, 04:52:21 pm

Author Topic: JMSS entrance process updated  (Read 1234 times)  Share 

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JMSS entrance process updated
« on: December 24, 2019, 10:35:47 pm »
Hi everyone,

While I was preparing for the JMSS test I couldn't find many up-to-date guides for JMSS specifically, so I've decided to make one now that I've gone through the process and have been successful.

There are 3 parts to the entrance process - the selection test, group activities, and one-on-one interview with someone from JMSS or Monash Uni. I personally found the test extremely easy (not trying to flex here haha). I didn't go to tuition nor did I dedicate much time to studying. I found that the best help was asking my friends and teachers. An ex-JMSS teacher moved to my school and I found him to be the most helpful during preparation for the test and interview.

General Guide
The Test
For me, the test was held toward the end of Term 2 at Caulfield Racecourse. There are around 700-900 ish students taking it and while it may seem overwhelming due to the number of people there are, don't panic, and focus on yourself rather than the competition around you
The test is pretty similar to the Year 8 Selective ones, however, there's science reasoning instead of verbal reasoning and the writing tasks are science-related.
Science reasoning: Don't worry too much about studying for this. The test is basically a test of how well you process and interpret information. Some questions give you graphs or visuals and you answer questions based on what the visual shows you and some questions are on pretty basic science knowledge. If you are wishing to study for this, complete ICAS science tests and brush up on Year 7-9 science skills. Don't worry about going too deep into topics as that's just a waste of time
Numerical reasoning: Similar to the Year 8 Selective tests. Think of it as an IQ test. The questions require an understanding of the information given and you need to use logical reasoning to find the answer. I suggest drawing out diagrams for questions you are struggling to visualise in your head
Math: I found this easier than the selective tests. Just study what you're expected to know at a Year 9-10 and below level and complete the selective practice tests.
Essay 1: You are given most of a science prac report, and in my year, we had to complete a discussion by answering questions they gave us. The experiment is basic and mine was about what material is the best insulator based on the temperature of the water. To prepare for this one, understand how to write a proper prac report
Essay 2: You are given a page (or was it 2?) of information and you need to write about the information you are given. It's like the GAT VCE students do, but you should also include some of your own knowledge in your piece instead of just relying on the prompt

The Group Interview
If you did well enough on the entrance test, you will be invited to a group interview. Make sure you bring your school reports and evidence awards/achievements, extra-curricular and leadership involvement as they will look through these later. You are put into a group of 5-6 and you complete basic activities together. At the start, you will talk with your group and get to know each other so you feel more comfortable (this isn't judged) before you move into the judged activities. Make sure you talk during the activities but don't talk too much and irrelevantly as that's annoying. Don't fight over each other and make sure what you say during the activity is relevant to the task at hand. For me, we had to figure out how to spend a certain amount of money to help an island and figure out what a mystery item is.
You are also given a math puzzle to do by yourself. It may seem easy at first, but make sure you look over at your answers and consider EVERY possibility before you hand it in
The individual interview
After the group tasks, you will have a one-on-one interview with either a JMSS staff member or someone from Monash Uni. You might even get someone from the principal team! Make sure you introduce yourself to them at the start and answer the questions truthfully. Talk about your involvement in activities outside of school and definitely explain your passion in science. You may be nervous as everything has come down to this conversation, but try to breathe slowly and relax before you are called up. A tip is to try to approach the interview as a friendly (but professional) conversation with the interviewer instead of treating it as just an interview. They will take the papers you brought with you and will take those into consideration when selecting which students will gain a place at JMSS

Waiting game
Congrats! You've made it through the first part, the selection process. Now is time to wait. I felt really anxious because I desperately wanted to leave my old school, and that lead to issues further down the track. Make sure you think of things aside from the result, and while you may regret some stuff that you did, there's nothing you can do about it now. Relax, find stuff to occupy yourself, and don't let this take over you

Ahh, the dreaded rejection letter... Just remember that this isn't the end of the world and that there are still more opportunities in Year 10 and 11. You can try for all the other selective school, JMSS, and EBS in Year 10, and you can try for EBS in Year 11. Ask for your Edutest results (email JMSS in Term 4) and see what you can improve on

1. Make sure you don't stress yourself out with studying - I didn't study much, and I'm glad I did because the stuff I studied wasn't even on the test
2. Be social, do extracurriculars, JMSS wants to see that stuff. They don't just want to see your academic achievements, they want to see how you involve yourself outside of school
3. Don't force yourself to go to this school if you don't want to. You'll only enjoy it if you genuinely like science.
4. There's not really a need to go to tuition - most of my mates went and they said that the stuff covered at tuition was way harder than the actual test. Ask for help from people older and more knowledgeable than you, and you should even ask your current teachers for help.
5. Know what you're saying in the interview, and make sure you are completely honest

If anyone else went through the JMSS selection process, feel free to add anything

If you have any questions, please feel free to reply to this topic or DM me
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