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December 08, 2019, 06:41:24 am

Author Topic: **$35/H MEDICINE INTERVIEW TUTORING (JCU, ADELAIDE, MONASH MMI, UWA, CSU)**  (Read 1193 times)  Share 

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I am a current medical student at Monash University. Since my UMAT and ATAR was lower than other candidates and I am from a non-rural background, I knew I had to excel in the interview. The interview was why I was offered unbonded first round offers to 100% the universities I interviewed at: Monash, James Cook Uni (JCU), Adelaide and UWA. I also received an offer from Charles Sturt University (CSU) for Dentistry.

What I offer:
* Mock, timed interviews which mimic the real interview- this includes the same questions which universities have asked in the past few years. Detailed feedback will also be shared on a word document with copies of the questions and a brainstorm of their possible solutions
* Compiled advice and questions from well-known companies and tutors at a fraction of the price they charge
* Details of the entire interview process, information on important areas to research (e.g. medical ethics and rural health) and guidelines on how to structure your answers
* Hundreds of the most commonly asked questions for self-practise between sessions

* 1 on 1: $40/H in person, $35/H over Skype
* Groups of 2: $25/H in person, $20/H over Skype
* Groups of 3: $20/H in person, $15/H over Skype

* Skype - (requires payment before or during the lesson)
* If you live in Melbourne, North Fitzroy Library (preferably) or State Library

Contact Details:
Spots are already filling up fast, so do not hesitate to contact me here or text me on 0420 879 688!
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$35/H Tutoring over 2019-2020 Holidays:

1. Medical School Interview Training | Current Monash Med Student | Unbonded first round offers to Monash, JCU, Adelaide, UWA and CSU

2. Chemistry Units 3/4 Tutoring | RAW 50 | 250+ hours of experience

Contact me here or on 0420879688 :)