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Bri MT:
Nick's Ask Me Anything!

Nick (aka Joseph41), your lecturer for "how to ace QCE" is holding an Ask Me Anything; feel free to ask your questions at any time :)

Some things you might not know about Nick: He has the most respect out of anyone on the atarnotes forums (with more than double the respect of the next most respected user), studied a bachelor of arts (honours) at Monash majoring in linguistics, and most importantly he has a cute doggo named Neville.

Here's some of the reasons you may want to hear from this academic achiever:

🔥 Achieved a 99.65 ATAR with all of his subjects except 1 scaling down
🔥 In each of those subjects, he scored in the top ~3% of the state
🔥 Obtained a perfect 4.0 GPA in university
🔥 Has been extensively researching the QCE system including how scaling, ATAR calculations, and subject scores will be calculated

We've been asked this before on other AMAs so YES you can ask ANY question - so long as it abides by our community rules (which basically come down to being respectful and keeping the community a nice place for everyone)

This might include things like:
- What should I consider when I'm choosing my subjects?
- Why is your username Joseph41 when your real name is Nick?
- What's linguistics all about?

IMPORTANT: In order to ask a question, you will have to click here and make an ATAR Notes account.

Hey team! Happy to answer any questions you have about all things QCE/uni/general life. I've spent countless hours doing the fun task of teaching myself the QCE system in pretty intricate detail and, like Bri has mentioned above, have a pretty neat understanding of how things like scaling etc. will work in Queensland, and how they will impact you.

Also happy to speak about general study questions, subject selection, or anything completely unrelated to school! It's up to you - I'll answer every single question as best as I can. :)

Looking forward to your posts!

- Nick/Joseph41

Have you taught Neville to do any tricks?


--- Quote from: K888 on November 06, 2019, 05:09:36 pm ---Have you taught Neville to do any tricks?

--- End quote ---

Haha. Great first question.

Nothing too out of the ordinary. He sits on command very well, and stays fairly well (still a work in progress when on walks - he gets a bit excited). He also fetches and drops very well, which is actually a bit of a relief because a lot of other dogs seem to fetch, and then just leave the ball 100 metres away haha. Also drops on command (if we use the hand movement). Working on rolling but that's a fair way off tbh.

I also taught him to be a world champion at chess (he plays most nights whilst wearing a jacket with elbow patches), but that's no biggie.

^My dogs can find toys but not fetch haha - they pick them up, drop them, come running back to me, and then expect me to throw it again even though they've left it wherever it landed. You should try teaching him how to shake your hand, it's quite useless but fun.

Which state do you think has the best system for year 11/12?


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