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June 07, 2020, 03:17:17 pm

Author Topic: HSC Modern History - 23/10/19 - Discussion, Questions & Potential Solutions  (Read 694 times)

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Post all exam discussion, questions, and sample solutions for Modern History here!


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so modern was today, was very nervous walking in as I was so over studying for modern that I just gave up. However, leaving that exam I was extremely happy. The exam was really good like I was not expecting it at all p&a was straight forward and clear, Russia q's kind of predicted its foreign policy and Stalin's emergence and coe also my teacher had predicted the q as north africa, so thank god i was well prepared for both essays. Apartheid q's were very nice, and hopefully, im praying that modern is marked leninetly as i have heard they are very strict. So yeah so hoping for the best xx
and shoutout to Susie, your book was my holy grail, really helped me with p&a and Russia  :)
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Posting a bit late hahaha (like nearly a week after) but it's not like this forum is blowing up right?? more importantly this is a creative way to procrastinate for subjects that I don't really want to study for (eco we're looking at you)

I felt pretty confident going in. Modern is definitely one of my favourite subjects. think i'll do ok overall.
Section 1 (P & A) - the two 3 markers were pretty clear, thank god there was nothing on LON or UN because i was absolutely stuffed for that. 12 marker on Nazi opposition was a bit obscure but i actually predicted the question!! knew to talk about political groups like the kpd, and i included a segments on the purge of the sa, concentration camps and religion (crammed the day before so honestly pretty lucky). Yeah. 1st section pretty decent i thought
Section 2 (Japan essay) - lol did not really like either question. rlly wanted to talk about the 1920s but the question for that was on challenges to power & authority and there's like NOTHING on the genro or anything so no thanks. did the foreign policy essay. sort of ok but could of better. surprised myself with how much i wrote though - 7 pages (who knows though because my handwriting is medium-large) ok but didn't feel amazing.
Section 3 (CW essay) - definitely the better essay. when i read the 2 questions i was like shit because both were post cuba. but i realised the arms race one wasn't too bad. had some decent dets & quotes and i realised when i was writing how much arms race linked to detente. should be pretty good
Section 4 (Civil Rights) - WOW the questions were specific and tots unpredictable. 8 marks on little rock high?? it was ok though because i knew good facts and had good detail. mixed with some good-intentioned bs it'll be ok everyone (or at least the 3 people total who will read this). the 12 marker. probs the easiest and most open question. BUT im kicking myself because i forgot to include the source, realised in the last 3 minutes and made a tokenistic reference at the end (as well a hurried asterisk mid-way through). hmmm. well see.