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October 21, 2019, 04:06:38 pm

Author Topic: Is it possible to score high in the VCE if I attend a low-achieving school?  (Read 108 times)  Share 

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Hello everybody,
I have some questions that have been wandering around in my head.
Is it possible for a person to get raw study scores of 50 in many subjects if they go to a low-performing school (comprehensive public ones)? (not showing any hates or contempt to those who go to a comprehensive public school as I also go to one)
Am I really disadvantaged if I go to a low-performing school?
I have heard that our SACs are also scaled according to how the cohort of the school performs on the exam?
At my school, not many students want to study and achieve, just a very few of them want to, like me.
I doubt if those students who just don't care about their school life can affect my VCE and my ATAR.
I thought about moving school if this is the case.
Hope you guys can help. (please forgive my disrupted English)
Thank you so much!!! :D

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If you are rank 1 (achieve highest score in SACs compared to your classmates) and achieve the highest exam score,  you and you alone determine your study score.

It is 100% possible to achieve high scores attending an underrepresented school,  the difficulty you may have is that getting a 50 is very hard in general and depending on the subject performance can be subjective. 

At my school the average ATAR had been below 50 and we hadn't had a 90+ ATAR in years but in my year 3 of us got a 95+ ATAR.

Good luck!
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