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Hello there,

Allow me to introduce myself, I am a fellow Queensland class of 2021 student.

Since I could not find a forum where class of 2021 students were able to converse with other class of 2021 students, I thought that it would be best for me to create a forum for everyone graduating in 2021. This forum is for general conversation regarding the new QCE system and anything else that comes to your mind :).

My only question for the many people that are graduating in 2021 is, how are you all feeling about this new system?


Kind Regards

Hey JerryMouse2019! I'm also class of 2021, albeit Victorian. How are you feeling about transitioning from Year 10 to QCE?

Hello laura_,

It's quite daunting to think that in only a few years I will have graduated high school albeit under a new system that I know very little about. Since we don't know what the scaling will look like for any of the subjects, it's been hard to think about how the scaling will affect my potential ATAR rank. I've heard a lot about how much of a huge transition there is between how hard year 11 is compared to year 10 since a single unit lasts one term and a half (15 weeks of studying for one subject). I can only think of ways that I can prepare for my QCE, so this is why I am planning to study a little in the coming holidays, so that I can cover some year 11 content ahead of time.

Even though English is the only compulsory subject in the ATAR system in Queensland, my school in particular also makes doing a Maths subject compulsory as well. Due to this I have to do a Maths (and I'm not particularly great at Maths even though I've been doing the Pre-Methods course in year 10 this year). The course I was looking at before needed Methods as a prerequisite (this course was at UQ), though now I've found a similar course at QUT that only requires me to study English and one of General Maths, Maths Methods or Specialist Maths. I'm hoping to do Methods in my QCE but due to my falling grades, I'm starting to think that I should do General Maths instead since that is easier and less stressful (and also because it also fulfils the requirements of the course I'm potentially looking at doing). I also wanted to point out that I'm thinking of doing either economics or finance with information technology at university (through a double degree).

I also have a friend that I made this year who moved from Victoria to Queensland, he tells me a lot about how relaxing and different he finds Queensland from Victoria. He tells me how strict the VCE is (since they use your English results in your ATAR) (though in Queensland, English is only used in your ATAR if it is one of your best 5 subjects). I feel quite unlucky sometimes since I'm a part of the second group of year 12s who have to go through this new system, though I do find it relaxing to understand that the new system is more fair to us students than the old system we had in Queensland. It's also quite amusing to think that we stole some subject names from Victoria (we renamed our English and Maths subjects to match Victoria's). I think that we can finally say that the QCE is more comparably to the HSC as well as the VCE (in terms of rigorousness).

Well that's all I can say about my thoughts on the transition from year 10 to the QCE.

How about you though, how are you feeling about moving into the phase of the VCE in Victoria?

Thanks for replying,

Kind Regards

Where are all of the people who are graduating in 2021?


Im also graduating as part of the class of 2021 in Queensland. Honestly, year 11 and 12 seem pretty daunting to me, as they seem to have a way higher workload than year 10.

Im going to be taking Literature, Maths Methods, Maths Specialist, Physics, Chinese and Modern History. Initially, I thought of taking Chemistry (as a pre-requisite for Medicine) but found that it wasnt for me. Now, Im struggling to find a uni course of interest so my subjects are a bit all over the place. Well see how it goes.

Pleasure to meet you all!


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