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June 06, 2020, 01:48:56 am

Author Topic: Study Score - Estimated Prediction  (Read 272 times)  Share 

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Study Score - Estimated Prediction
« on: September 21, 2019, 02:19:34 am »
Hi everyone,

I was just wondering if anyone could provide an estimated study score for Further maths:

The modules we did this year were data, financial, matrices, graphs and relations and my marks for them are:

Data: 91.5% (our SAC was split into two main parts univariate data and bivariate data)

Univariate: 92%
Bivariate: 91%

I am doing Further as a year 11 subject, in my class for the test I scored in the moderate-high range (about 21 people in my class - there is only 1 year 11 class for further 3/4). As a class though, we scored in a higher range than the rest of the year 12 further cohort.
Financial: 80%

Scored in the low-moderate range here in terms of our class. Generally however, we as a class scored higher than the rest of the year 12 cohort.

Matrices: 80%

In the low-moderate range here in terms of class. Class performed higher than rest of year 12 cohort.

Graphs & Relations: 86%

In the moderate range here in terms of class. Year 12's did networks, but class performed higher than them.

My school is public and gives rather simpler SAC's compared to other schools by the way.

I have done a few practice exams so far to test my potential score in the exam, and assuming I drop three in the exam (consdering each mark is a study score), would I still be capable for a 45+

If you have any other questions to get an estimate, feel free to reply

Much appreciated