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July 07, 2020, 04:08:40 am

Author Topic: ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭* ̀ˋ moonie's vce journey  (Read 3387 times)

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Re: ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭* ̀ˋ moonie's vce journey
« Reply #45 on: June 27, 2020, 04:40:51 pm »
hi there! moonie here  ;D
its been a while since i have done an update for my journal so here i am yayyyyy
so,,, term 2,,, an interesting term - from lock down to remote learning then back to school it really was an experience bahahah
as we've headed into second last official holidays of highschool and half way through the year, i think i'll spend this time to reflect on this year so far!

so far, year 12 has been much more stressful than i thought but still fun in a way?? bahaha maybe its because ive just come out of a whole month filled with sac after sac - but it honestly has been stressful and im glad we have finally reached holidays. The month has been bumpy ngl, some sacs results werent as good as i had expected while others were much better than i thought,,, i think having a good support system is really important in year 12, especially during sac periods, where everyone just has so many sacs to get through and everyones just dreading and stressing. I think a good support system really helped during this time, because i really dont know how i would be right now if it werent for the support of my friends before and after sac. i think during sac period its really important to have time to rest / time out from studying - even if its just chilling at recess and lunch with friends for half and hr or so,,, and just taking moments off before having to study again for sacs.
(hehe sorry this is getting long lets get onto the subjects shall we??)

okay so eng has been a strange strange journey ngl with the whole remote learning, it really has been more stressful than i thought and ive somehow managed to become so confused on how to do language analysis?? this whole subject is a mess right now bahahah butttttt hopefully it will be okay! (somehow)!

heheheh still my favourite subject so far this year! i think its been really fun (so thats good ig)
i believe we are beginning to practice for orals now as thats coming up pretty fast! its honestly been quite chill so im happy ;D
oh side note: moonie you've got to work on your spelling hahahah

softwareeee a subject i decided to do last minute in yr 10 has become another one of my favourite subjects! im not too sure what to say for this subject tbh bahahaha, oh wait,,,, we've begun our SAT hoorayyyyyy so we're currentlt half way through our SAT and im pretty excited, i never thought one day i'd actually make a project like this so im pretty excited to see how it goes!

lets not go here,,, jkjk
hmmmm methods, its hard - i have no other words - i still have an issue with blanking out under test/sac conditions so im slightly worried about that but im hoping it'll get better if i try to put more time towards the subject. right now i dont believe im doing enough for the subject so i think i could try working harder for methods to improve!

so chem, a subject that make me cry jks unless no im just playing,, honestly chem is going much better than i expected?? i really came into year 12 chem with no expectation whatsoever so im glad that its actually going okay, im doing pretty okay in chem so thats good i guess bahahah  ;D

okayy so that comes to the end of moonies subject update  8)
as we've hit the holidays i am hoping to finalise all my unit 3 things (finishing up topics, notes and revising i guess - hopefully!) and starting unit 4 work? i think overall the year so far has been definitely stressful but also fun in some ways! i think while term 3 will probably be more packed and stressful i hope that it will all be okay!

everyonee pls stay safe during this time! wash your hands, social distance, be healthy, stay safeeeee!!
moonie outt 8)