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June 06, 2020, 03:01:08 am

Author Topic: can someone pls read my English Ad Intro and give feedback  (Read 173 times)

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can someone pls read my English Ad Intro and give feedback
« on: September 04, 2019, 09:32:30 pm »
Hi, i was wondering if anyone is available to read my intro, thank you so much. It is for a Shakespeare essay on Julius Caesar. Module B Critical study of literature and the question is: The quality OF Julius Caesar is to be found in its portrayal of the enduring values of human nature. To what extent is this true regarding your personal interpretation of the play.
This is my intro:

It is inevitable that when one enters the political arena in the inherent motivation for power, they are subject to abandon all honour and virtue and immersed in self-promotion. However, this is known to result in the consequences of moral corruption, anarchy, civil war and volatile leadership on not only the masses but namely the individual. In Shakespeare’s political tragedy, Julius Caesar, this is highlighted through the duplicity of human nature as exhibited by the characterisation of Brutus and Caesar himself. By drawing on elements of succession and legitimacy concerns from the Elizabethean era and contrasting it with an Ancient Roman setting for modern audiences to understand, the play’s construction remains enduringly relevant across time, despite different people, places and cultures. Shakespeare’s purpose was to explore the inherent need for power that mankind is always subject to seek in the real world of politics and war and how that has the consequence to corrupt an individual’s morals and reason. Through the contemporary links that Shakespeare makes regarding the faults and benefits of a good leader, audiences are able to better judge and determine for themselves what makes an effective leader in the political sphere. This speaks for the enduring value placed in Shakespeare’s text through his use of dramatic form and effective characterisation, which to a great extent exemplifies the place of morality in politics.