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FREE QCE Head Start Lectures This September - Book Now!

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ATAR Notes Official:
Hey team! We have news. Very, very, very exciting news!

This September, we are running FREE QCE LECTURES at QUT (Gardens Point campus). 🎈 Here's everything you need to know.

ATAR Notes is by students, for students. Since 2015, we have delivered more than 700 completely free lectures across New South Wales and Victoria, filling more than 100,000 seats.

With the introduction of the new QCE ATAR system, we're now excited to be able to offer free QCE lectures!

These lectures have been designed to help you adjust to the new QCE ATAR system, and get a head start to Units 3&4 subjects. Focusing on key content from the syllabus, these lectures will run you through what you need to know, and let you in on tips and tricks from past high-achievers.

On the day, there will be time to ask your lecturer any questions you have (we encourage it!), chat to the ATAR Notes team about all things QCE, ATAR, and study, and check out QUT and its facilities.

You can see what ATAR Notes lectures are like by watching this quick video:

This series, we are offering free lectures for six of the most popular QCE subjects, plus a special "How to Ace QCE" event:

🔥 Biology Units 3&4
🔥 Chemistry Units 3&4
🔥 English Units 3&4
🔥 English Units 3&4 - Repeat 1
🔥 English Units 3&4 - Repeat 2
🔥 How to Ace QCE
🔥 How to Ace QCE - Repeat 1
🔥 How to Ace QCE - Repeat 2
🔥 Maths Methods Units 3&4
🔥 Maths Methods Units 3&4 - Repeat 1
🔥 Psychology Units 3&4
🔥 Specialist Maths Units 3&4

Check out the full timetable:

These lectures will run across Saturday 28 September and Sunday 29 September.

Super excitingly, all four of our lecturers for this series are entrenched forum users!

👉 Bri (Bri MT): Biology, Chemistry, Psychology
👉 Lauren (literally lauren): English
👉 Nick (Joseph41): How to Ace QCE
👉 Rui (RuiAce): Maths Methods, Specialist Maths

All four know their QCE syllabuses inside out, and will have super useful tips and tricks for QCE and ATAR success.

Located in inner-city Brisbane, QUT’s Gardens Point campus is next to the Brisbane River, the Botanic Gardens and Parliament House. You can travel to and from Gardens Point by bus, train or CityCat (ferry). The campus has its own CityCat stop, and is a short walk from Central and South Bank train stations, and King George Square and Queen Street bus stations. Limited paid parking is available on campus.

You can book your free QCE lectures here. Simply scroll to the events you want to book and fill in the details. Places will fill quickly, so please let your friends know, and don't miss out!

You are totally welcome to attend as many lectures as you like - you just need to book! :)

Leave them here! We absolutely can't wait to get started with our first ever free QCE lecture series. :)


Bri MT:
Hey everyone,

It's me, Bri :)

I'm extremely excited for the lectures - if you see me there feel free to come up and say hi!

During the lectures I'll be focusing on your studies so now seems like a good opportunity to describe a bit about myself & my highschool journey.

Sciences I studied in highschool:
- bio (top 1% of state)
- psych (top 1% of state)
- physics (top 10% of state)
- chem (top 10% of state)

ATAR: 98.30

more detailed version of my highschool journeyIn year 8/9 I was going through a bit of a rough time, and I remember my year 9 science teacher telling me that I wouldn't cope with VCE. They had reason - I was in a place where I would fully intend to study, do hw etc. and then just.. wouldn't deliver on any of that. I worked on digging myself out of that space and in year 11 that same teacher taught me for units 3&4 of biology. Part way through the year she told me she thought I could be the first student at our school to get an A on the end of year biology exam (since 4 years ago when there was the swap to one end of year exam). Achieving that A on the biology exam became my goal and by the end of the year I had scored A+ as part of the top 1% of the state for bio. Still very grateful to that teacher for the support she gave me. She actually also taught me for psych 1&2 and I received the same unscaled score for psych 3&4 as bio so she probably helped with that too.

As hinted at in the previous section, I went to an underrepresented school. When I was in year 12 we hadn't had a 90+ ATAR (roughly equivalent to OP <6) for some years and the average ATAR was below 50. My hope was that by achieving a high ATAR I would show younger students at my school that it is possible to achieve highly without going to a prestigious school or receiving tutoring (also scholarships are pretty nifty and may have had some motivational impact). In the end, my year level received 3 95+ ATARs that year so I was pretty proud of my cohort when results came out.

Another big part of my year 11/12 experience were my other subjects (physics, chem, methods & English Language) and my various extracurricular activities. I was very fortunate that at my school I had the opportunity to be highly involved in various leadership activities throughout the whole duration and I spent year 12 juggling my responsibilities as a student, school vice captain, chairman of my local venturer scout unit, youth mayor of the melton youth council, and member of the school's senior band (on saxophone). Throughout year 12 I also became very active on the ATARnotes forums, so if you want to find out more info on me and can be bothered going back you'll find more info :P

Now I'm lucky enough to be studying the Bachelor of Science Advanced - Global Challenges (Honours) at Monash Univeristy. I love my course and could talk about it for a long time but as an overview: it's focused on learning science and how to integrate that more with the real world - so lots of projects, science communication, entrepeneurship etc. Another thing I love, aside from atarnotes of course, is the ocean and escaping away into nature to go camping.

If you have questions about anything I've brought up feel free to ask. I cannot wait to meet QCE-ers at the lectures! :D

Edit: went back to fix a typo and decided to tidy the rest up a little too :)

Hey all! I'll follow Bri's lead and introduce myself briefly. :)

I'm Nick (despite my counter-intuitive username, haha). I'll be taking the three "How to Ace QCE" lectures, which you can book at the links below if you're keen:
👉 Saturday 28 September, 10am - 12.30pm
👉 Saturday 28 September, 1.30pm - 4.00pm
👉 Sunday 29 September, 1.30pm - 4.00pm

I really can't wait!

Through high school, I studied a range of subjects, from English, to maths, to science (if you include Psych, haha), to humanities. I then studied a Bachelor of Arts, where I developed a real interest in Linguistics. It's a cool subject - happy to chat to anybody who's interested in it!

I ended up with an ATAR of 99.65, and have been working with VCE/HSC/QCE students since to help them get great results through high school. I'm now also studying part-time on the side, looking at Careers Development and Education. It's pretty nifty!

Anyway, in the lectures I'll be covering stuff like:
👉 What the ATAR is and how it's used
👉 How ATARs and your subject scores are calculated
👉 Great study tips/techniques to help you maximise your results

And we'll also have a presenter from QUT, who will be awesome and super helpful!

It's going to be an awesome series, and I hope we (Bri, Rui, Lauren and me, and all the rest of the ATAR Notes team) see heaps of you there. Bring your friends! :)

Hello team!

Man, I suck at giving monologues. But oh well, here goes! My name's Rui, and it looks like I'm the one glued to the mathematics side of things! You've probably seem me around on both the NSW and QLD side of all things maths here (if not, that's probably not difficult to discover right now). I'm now in my fourth year of uni, studying more maths (yes I am insane) and computer science at UNSW.

Brianna kicked off with an awesome autobiography and Nick is the most passionate person I've seen on here! I didn't know what to do, so here have some weird flexes:
- 2nd on most time spent online on this forum
- 2nd most prolific poster in NSW on this forum (and apparently 6th overall?)
- 98.60 ATAR
- Minimum score of 94 across my maths subjects in high school
- Total fanatic when it comes to typing. I have a record of 154 WPM on 10fastfingers.com

What can I do for you? Everything that is maths! (Well, hopefully. I like the content in General maths as well, but I'm not a PhD or anything!) Anyway, about my lectures:
👉 Some general advice in studying for mathematics early on in the year
👉 Somewhere between the first 1/4 to 1/3 of the new Methods and Specialist courses!
👉 A mix of easily accessible examples, and examples that require niche AF tricks!

Possibly unsurprising but little known fact: I've wanted to do something teaching related all my life, and ATAR Notes gave me the first possible opportunities! One of the most recent ones was through the TuteSmart program back in NSW (or just NSW? ;)). The most satisfying and accomplishing aspect of this, and with all the other lectures I've done, is always through you - the students. I'm really looking forward to my chance at making an impact on Year 12's in another state!

Keen to see you all in Brissy! (Hmm, maybe I should change Bri's nickname to that too...)

Bri MT:

--- Quote from: RuiAce on September 10, 2019, 09:31:31 pm ---Keen to see you all in Brissy! (Hmm, maybe I should change Bri's nickname to that too...)

--- End quote ---

… I don't know how I feel about this


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