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January 20, 2020, 08:30:05 pm

Author Topic: VCE Methods , Chemistry and Physics Tutoring  (Read 563 times)  Share 

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Meza Mistan

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VCE Methods , Chemistry and Physics Tutoring
« on: July 17, 2019, 05:20:54 pm »
Posting this on behalf of a friend, PM me or contact the phone number below for inquiries

My name is Nikitha Pyndath and I specialize in VCE Tutoring for Maths Methods, Chemistry and Physics. A good tutor needs to be able to explain and breakdown complex concepts and questions in a way that lets students understand them. Many students do not prepare properly and end up wasting their time with tuition companies. I believe in being thorough with my students and ensuring they understand the concepts needed for VCE and then fortifying this knowledge through lots of practice. Whether you are struggling or excelling, I guarantee your scores and performance will increase through my tutoring.

 About me
- I graduated from a top scoring selective entry school with a 98+ Atar
- Scored 40+ ( Raw)  for Math Methods, Chemistry and Physics
- Received numerous academic excellence awards both in University and Year 12
- While growing up, I attended multiple different tuition companies and I have developed a style of tutoring that takes the best parts of each company
- 2 years tutoring experience with over 15 students

What I can offer
- Price : 30 dollars for 1 on 1 tutoring and 20 for a group class
- Location : All lessons held at Monash University ( one of the many libraries ), Rowville Library or Knox Library
- Resources : I have a sizeable question bank that includes practice SACS and practice exams that I will use during classes.
- Lessons can follow a structure I have developed OR they can also be completely driven by what the student wants to do OR a mix of both approaches
- I can also write up certain questions the students may find difficult to give them more practice

call this number for more info: 0415 950 598