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February 20, 2020, 07:20:18 am

Author Topic: What grades do you guys reckon I'll need in these subjects to get an 85-90 ATAR?  (Read 445 times)  Share 

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Hiya, I'm just wondering what grades (as a percentage) I should be aiming for to achieve an 85-90 ATAR.
These are my subjects:

- Further Maths (currently averaging 85%)
- Physics (currently averaging 80%)
- Biology (currently averaging 95%)
- Legal Studies (currently averaging 90%)
- English (currently average 76%)

Thanks :)


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Howdy! Your study scores depend on a lot more than just your raw mark percentages, so it's very difficult to say.

It looks to me like you're doing well in your subjects so far, so I'd recommend doubling down on what you're doing well, and try to work out how you can improve.

There's no accurate answer we can really give without additional information, as schools have different SAC difficulties. :)