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December 08, 2019, 09:13:08 pm

Author Topic: How do i study for my sac "Tips!?!?!?" This subject is shambolic!  (Read 277 times)  Share 

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So our sacs have been pushed back to the last two weeks of term 2, For methods i'm completely lost my teacher has prepared 2 Exam 1/2 booklets           
 {2017-2008} I've been doing them somewhat, then there is a link to a website called itutes, (httpd://www.itute.com/) they have practice sacs from previous years but are extremely difficult and are structured in such a way that is the complete opposite of the way our sac will be formulated as it is open ended.

What i have done so Far:

. Past exam questions ( Here and there )

. Text book questions ( chapter 8 & 12) revision chapters that consolidate my understanding of the content and cover the Area of studies that will be covered on the sac

. Building my bound reference along the way

. Getting familiar with the Cas

What else can i do that's effective for me to do well in my sacs i'm trying to get a 35+ for Methods, i understand the content but can't execute it to a high enough standard when it comes to Questions and past exam questions.

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Re: How do i study for my sac "TIPS!?!?!?" THIS SUBJECT IS SHAMBOLIC!
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Hi Gmfarah1!

This reply is a bit late for your SAC, but applies well to the final VCE:
1) Based on what you have done so far, you are progressing well, and you are doing all the right things.
2) Now, it is good you start familiarising with CAS! If you want to get a really high score, you must tackle difficult problems and they often need a mastery of CAS. To paraphrase Colonel Kurtz from Apocalypse Now, CAS is your friend. If it is not, then it is enemy to be feared. If you are master of it, you will do well, particularly probability and calculus. But it is easy to make little mistakes if someone is not fully familiar.
3) Past exams are very useful, but I am amazed with the creativity of the people producing the VCAA tests - every year they have new original problems! Exam in 2018 is not a good predictor of what will come this year.
4) Quite a lot of the analysis of Maths Methods exams since 2006 is in http://www.tmvscientific.com. There is a plenty of demos to check before you decide whether to order it or not.