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August 12, 2020, 07:39:02 pm

Author Topic: Not doing well...in 3/4  (Read 448 times)  Share 

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Not doing well...in 3/4
« on: June 01, 2019, 12:34:01 am »
This is my first 3/4 subject and I didn't get the real taste of it until this year. I went straight into 1/2 in year 10 and I was coping with Japanese, however I'm just doing really average now, I'm struggling but I'm just really disappointed in myself for doing so bad. I've completed unit 3 now and all my SAC scores are average. And what's worse is that the SAC's were super easy so I know that they are going to be scaled down.

I went into 1/2 been really confident and I had this whole plan of studying really hard, however I didn't really. What I did do was commit to regular speaking practise with online tutors and finally this year I found myself a Japanese tutor. However even with this, I really don't understand how I'm struggling? I've got so much help and I'm doing all the homework. I still remember the times I was top of my class until I skipped a year. I'm just so disappointed I've dropped to below average and everyone else is doing so well. I just dunno how to do well in Japanese anymore...

And what makes it me even more sadder is that my friend has a Japanese speaking background and she doesn't even put any effort in her classes. It just really irritates me how I'm putting so much effort, and then just watching my friend relax and get 100% without doing anything me just getting 50% with all this effort.

I don't what kind of study score I can get with these SAC scores so far...if I never skipped a year I would've tried to aim for 40+ because I was the top of my class during that time and tbh if I return to my 1/2 Japanese class, I probably will still be. But because I'm doing 3/4 now and I'm not doing well I just hope I can push through and get at least 25+.

I've always thought about going back to 1/2 Japanese and redoing it but my brother highly went against that as he said that its rly just a waste of time if I do that and I should just push through it and do the best I can. I'm just pushing through it right now, however Japanese has always been my favourite subject and one of my best subject and just seeing yourself crush down suddenly from that is just so... it hurts. a lot...