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January 18, 2020, 02:22:00 pm

Author Topic: Selective Schools Victoria - Techniques Workshop!  (Read 365 times)  Share 

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Selective Schools Victoria - Techniques Workshop!
« on: May 17, 2019, 09:29:28 pm »
Hey guys! Pretty new to posting here, but...

Basically, I'm a Year 10 Mac.Rob student who's gone from not knowing what the heck a "MAC.ROB" is until, like 2 MONTHS BEFORE THE EXAM, to loving the heck out of this place ♡♡♡ And I'm here today to share with you my story, as well as offer you guys a little something that might be useful ;)

(Spoiler alert: In short, I'm running a workshop on Selective Schools Entrance Exam & test-taking techniques, which has info & tips straight from the kids who have done it. Psst, it'll be at least a teensy bit useful. )


At the time, I remember feeling super stressed about the test, its content, its supposed status of being "impossible to finish", etc.
Adding on to this fact was that I had never, and would not have ever, attended external tutoring for tests like these or even schoolwork.
Surrounded by friends who were lugging around 30-pages booklets that their tutor place gave them, or just completely ignoring school assignments for a chance to attend these "elite" schools made me so feel so out of place, as if little ol' me couldn't possibly compete with all these crazy hardworking people!

I quite often thought that, um, I'll, like, NEVER get in.

Well, somehow, I did get in. First-round as well ;)
And what I realised, was that I did that ALL BY MYSELF.

Somehow, I did! With my stack of slightly outdated Year 9/10 maths textbooks, along with my trusty laptop that could be used to access all of my favourite Youtube tutorials, to print off official practice exams, and even to function as a stopwatch! It's still pretty amazing when I think of it nowadays, and it's something I'm pretty proud of.


That said, I hold nothing against all those who have attended, or are attending, these tutor places. It's just sometimes, for some people, we don't really have that kind of budget or time, and that's PERFECTLY OKAY. Like, these schools are public for a reason, y'all. It's meant to bring together kids from all sorts of background, who come from all over Melbourne.

(And seriously though, everyone learns differently so you should never be afraid to seek help should you need it :3)

And now comes the ~cool part~

I've realised that with being known as attending one of these schools means that your family friends, old school friends, and younger friends will be bombarding you with questions! E.g.
- Which exams are the hardest? Maths or Reading?
- What should I learn for Maths? (btw the Selectives Schools Admissions forum has like a super comprehensive guide on this, just search it up)
- How should I prepare? Should I study? (Short answer: YES.)
- What should I do the night before? wHAt SHouLd i EaT fOr BreAKFasT oN tHe DAy?
And a multitude of other stuff.

And, well, I thought to myself, might as well run some sort of workshop for this. Since so many people are asking and I was getting pretty tired of repeating myself :(


Quick FAQ:

How useful is this workshop?
- Well, 99.95% (haha) of the info from it will come straight from the mouths of Mac.Robbians, MHS's, Nossalonians, and Suzanne Cory's, so I'd say, pretty useful.

What will you cover in the workshop?
- This workshop will focus on test-taking techniques, such as pacing oneself, content that one should know, & how to deal with nerves. It was designed to answer most of the questions that Year 8 me had.

Will there be a fee?
- Okay, so basically my goal is to make this as accessible as possible to all candidates, so I'll only be requesting a cost of $3/student and $2/accompanying adult to cover costs such as printed material & other equipment.


If you have any further questions, or would like to sign up, please email me at [email protected].

P.S. I've just started using AtarNotes, so I'm still super confused about all the forums and direct messages functions. I'll try my best to answer direct messages, but I would definitely recommend shooting me an email :) Thanks in advance.


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Re: Selective Schools Victoria - Techniques Workshop!
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2019, 08:54:08 pm »
Hi again,

This post will outline some key info + potential dates for the Selective Entry Schools Workshop. If you are interested in attending, please fill out the form attached at the bottom of this email.

- definitely a Saturday afternoon, between 3.00-5.00PM
- one of the following dates: 01/08 OR 07/08
- please indicate your preference in the form!

To make it easy for all of you to reach our meeting location, we've decided on a meeting room located in Melbourne CBD. This way, it makes it easy for all of you to come, no matter where you live :)
Plus, if you do manage to obtain a place at either Mac.Rob or MHS, this will be something you do everyday & we think it's a good idea that you get a feel of what the daily travelling might be like.
The exact address will be announced closer to the date for those who answer the Google Form, so please do ASAP!

We'll try to cover as much as we can on the day, particularly the tips & components that we found helpful.
If you have any specific topics that you would prefer for us to go over, please indicate so in the Google Form!


Thanks for your interest, and remember to answer the Google Form as soon as possible!