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December 11, 2019, 09:33:51 pm

Author Topic: Topic Tests for Spesh and Methods  (Read 341 times)  Share 

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Topic Tests for Spesh and Methods
« on: March 30, 2019, 05:25:27 pm »
Hi ATAR Notes Maths Community,

Let me fill you in with my background. I am a year 12 student currently undertaking 3/4 Methods and Specialist Maths. I just had my Spesh unit 3 SAC and my Methods unit 3 SAC is coming up soon!

I have been doing all my textbook questions this year and making sure my concepts are solid. However, after my unit 3 spesh sac, I am certain that I won't be getting a rank 1 as I bombed out on a couple of questions. This has made me realise that in order for me to do well, I need to start doing MORE than JUST textbook questions for both methods and spesh. I would like like to avoid this mistake for the upcoming Methods SAC and hopefully, obtain rank 1.

So now comes the questions:

1. For Mathemathics, where can I find practice questions other than the VCAA exams as I would not like to exhaust my VCAA exam question pool just yet. So far I've been relying on what my school posts up. Clearly thats not enough and I need more sources. Do you recommend trying some university questions provided that they are relevant?

2. Which company topic tests do you guys recommend me to buy? I heard that Checkpoints for Maths is not that good and ATAR Notes is pretty good. Is that true based on your experience? What other alternatives do you recommend?

3. What's the optimal pace for doing the textbook? Do you recommend going too ahead, or just slightly ahead of the class. What's the optimal month to finish textbook questions by?

4. Lastly, if one of my SAC scores aren't too close to rank 1 (top 30-50%), is raw 50 still physically possible provided I do extremely well on rest of the SACs and have a guaranteed strong cohort (select entry school).

Thanks in advance,
An aspiring-to-be-a-high-achiever-but-not-quite-there-yet student

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Re: Topic Tests for Spesh and Methods
« Reply #1 on: March 30, 2019, 08:57:32 pm »
I would strongly recommend a book that was recently introduced on my school's booklist, FORTIFY: VCE Maths Methods Units 3/4 Study Guide. This book simply is amazing, it provides exam style questions that aren't regurgitated from the VCAA question bank( It was made by high-scoring past students) and is relatively inexpensive, only costing $37 for 450 custom style questions. They also have written worked solutions and free online video solutions in case you get stuck. If you're not sure about committing, they give you a sample chapter of the book for you take a look if you're interested. https://www.triumphtutoring.com.au/product/fortify-mm/