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May 20, 2019, 04:37:50 pm

Author Topic: The Adventures of VCE | whys' journal  (Read 1257 times)

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Re: The Adventures of VCE | whys' journal
« Reply #30 on: May 12, 2019, 09:56:24 am »
──────────────────── SUNDAY ────────────────────
Woah! It's been a month since I posted on atarnotes! Sorry for my unexplained absence  :(.
Things just got really really busy and I sort of forgot about all of this. Since I've been gone for so
long here's a little run down of what has happened so far and future stuff:
- Moved into my new house
- Went to the atarnotes lectures
- Finished my methods test, english assessment and chem test
- Have a psych sac in less than two weeks (time to study!)

Hopefully I won't leave this site for a loooooong period of time again. Anyways, I need to start my
sac-mode study that I've been procrastinating for so long. Oh - and I almost forgot: today is also
mothers day! One of the best days because I can cook whatever I want for mum and that's my
excuse to eat junk the whole day :). I'll be making cookies and cream cupcakes soon, so there's
that to look forward to. School-wise, everything is going pretty okay - I think I did well in all of my
tests so far. I don't remember if I mentioned this earlier but my secondary goal for the year is to
try ensure the average for my tests in each subject is over 90%. We're also doing organic chem
in chemistry now - one of my favourite topics. Methods is methods, always enjoyable. Same with
psych, food studies and bio. With english, I know I need to improve, but so far I'm not doing bad.

Sorry for the super erratic post - I know it's really messy as I've just thrown a random bunch of
stuff in here, but oh well. Hopefully I can post again soon with more interesting news.

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