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REMINDER: VTAC Round 2 Offers


VTAC Round 2 Offers Reminder
Reminder that VTAC Round 2 offers (February Round 1) have just arrived!
For those of you who are hoping for a better offer (or an offer at all), keep your eyes on your emails and VTAC inboxes for any new offers. Hope you get the offer you're after! :)
Quick FAQ
Q: I got a course offer and did not receive one previously. Now what?
A: Congrats! Go accept that course as soon as you can. (Some institutes will ask you enrol to accept the course.)

Q: I got a better course offer and I want this Round 2 offer more than what I received in Round 1. Now what?
A: Congratulations! Accept the new course and, where necessary, unenrol from your Round 1 offer. This may be in the wrong order, but these are the steps you will need to take.

Q: I still don't have my first preference. Can I still get it?
A: Potentially, but chances are pretty small now. Not all courses will still have vacancies remaining. By now, the majority of places will be filled, with a slim, but possible chance of a new offer. Either way, if you have received an offer at all, I'd be definitely accepting and enrolling, hoping to transfer or take further study later on, unless you've changed your mind on studying at a tertiary level. You won't be limiting yourself if you do this, as some people do receive offers in Rounds 3 - 5 (February Rounds 2 - 4), but remember you'll only receive any preference that is higher than your current offer according to VTAC, if you receive any future offers.

Q: I've changed plans and want to defer and/or take a gap semester/ year/ whatever. I've received an offer in Round 1 and/or 2. What now?
A: Accept, enrol and defer. If you received an offer in Round 1 and in Round 2, then you'll unenrol from your Round 1 offer (if you enrolled). DO NOT LET THE OFFER LAPSE.

Q: I want to change preferences. Can I still do that?
A: Yes. It's possible to change preferences, but chances that you'll receive that spot at this stage are small. If you have received an offer in Rounds 1 or 2, still accept and enrol into them. If you received offers in both rounds thus far, accept and enrol into Round 2 if you're happier with that one and unenrol from your Round 1 course. If you want the dates for changing preferences, please refer to here. For your convenience, Round 3 change of preferences is due 5th February at 4pm.

Q: When's the next round?
A: All February rounds are on Mondays at 2pm, with Round 3 (February Round 2) on February 11 2019 at 2pm, until Round 5 (February Round 4).  Please note that not all courses will participate in all rounds. If they have filled up, they won't consider new students until the next set of rounds. (Note: I've been using domestic Year 12 applicant dates. Please check here for the dates of other applicants e.g. international students, non-Year 12 applicants.)   
If you have any (more) questions, please ask in the appropriate boards/ threads:
- VTAC Discussion Board
- General University Discussion and Queries
  - If you want to write an open journal: The University Journey Journals
- Universities - Victoria
- University Faculties

Previous resources that are good reads:
Resources- I got an offer... now what?: What to do now that you have an offer.
- Course Offers 2019: If you receive a new offer and you want to share, feel free to celebrate your Round 2 offer in this thread. 
- Aaron's post on NOT turning down offers or letting them lapse: Really important message there. Much of this stands in Round 2.
- VTAC Offers FAQ: Some of this still remains helpful for Round 2.

Some older threads that remain relevant:
- How tertiary offers work: An old thread, but a good one, this thread teaches you how things work in a nutshell.
- Aaron's Good luck for uni offers post: Some really handy tips.
- Course Preferences and Offers: VTAC Media: If you need a refresher on how the course preferences work, here it is in video form from VTAC and Aaron. Also a really good watch if you're a younger ANer who's considering doing their tertiary studies in Victoria and want to prepare ahead of time.

Reminder/ update: Round 3 offers dropped at 2pm today.

Update: Round 4 offers dropped today at 2pm. Next week will be the final round for domestic VTAC 2018/19 offers. Good luck!


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